Versus game that should've been made a long time ago


By capcom not some guy who cannot use mugen correctly: Marvel Vs. DC
Also: Garou Vs. SF3


shut up


shut up


Kellogs vs. General Mills

THAT needs to happen, ya feel me dawg?


I got $50 on my man Captian Crunch! Bet it!


the Cap’n makes it happen, that’s for sure.



EDIT: IMG tags, fffffuuuuuuuuuuuu


just give me cvs3 already is that so hard


I really like this thread a lot.


it is truly ~~unique~~


This thread delivers.


toki vs magneto


that… would be epic :looney:


The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: The Game.

Fund it. Now.


Capcom vs DC
DC Vs Marvel
DC vs Marvel vs Capcom
DC vs Marvel vs Capcom vs SNK


oldie but goodie


Super Smashed Brothers

where all our beloved video game characters were extremely drunk and/or high.


Corn Pops beats all for free.

Unless someone manages to find a copy of the rare OG Hyper Cereal Fighter Deuce X where Champion Edition 3 Chef guys on the front of Cinnamon Toast Crunch could spam crunchy tastiness while in block stun.

Since the game mechanics is in everyone’s favor Oreo O’s have been working it’s way up to high mid tier lately I’m not sure how long they will stay at the top.


Orochi Frankenberry ftw. xx Hyper Soggy Marshmallow OWNZ


Babysitter’s Club vs Nancy Drew?
Autographed photo of Dave Coulier vs Cottage Cheese from a School Cafeteria?