Versus Human Controlled Gill?

ok what do u do? i read the other gill thread and all it had were ways to abuse the stupid gill AI. i play x box live a couple times and i run into 2-3 assholes who use him. what r characters that put up a fighting chance or at least catch his weaknesses (if any) since he’s a urien clone (or vice versa).

i know akuma gives urien problems since urien has no immediate wake up move to get him off him. is it the same with gill?

Don’t even try Akuma vs human Gill. His moves are faster and grab has more range than Urien’s so he can punish blocked tatsumakis

Chun Li should be you best bet, her fierces can actually outpoke him, and you don’t have to worry about aegis reflector

When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do.


Ken can still compete, no? Gill has those rediculous juggles though. I know! X.C.O.P.Y! :wink:

Out of curiosity, are these people tending to use the Angel Wing , or do they save meter for Resurection and just do his big juggles?

…or do they use that big Meteor shower combo?

Just curious if they gravitate towards one in particular, might be able to give better advice if I knew. If they play it smart and use them based on the situation, I dunno what to tell you, Gill is a monster.

Oh one thing I can think of , this isnt anything game breaking but punish the block dive with an AA or juggle of your choice, since he bounces back helplessly if its blocked. I think you can punish his dashing clothesline if you block it, I have to confirm that though. And of course punish missed fireballs any stupid use of the meteor shower.

Unless theres somthing Im aware of he doesnt have a major weakness. Ive never fought a human Gill, aside from my brother, so Im just kinda going off what I know about Gill from the computer. Sorry I couldnt be more help, but I really dont think there is much you can do except take your opportunities as they arise and hope for him to do somthing stupid. Its probably best to just poke and go since he has such fast high priority and high damage normals.

As far as characters, Id go with Chun, Yun (if you can do the Gill juggle, if there even is one), Hugo (use the 4 taunts and Gigas as your super, Go for Broke Hugo:tup: ), and Urien if you can do the big stuff.

Since you’re a Remy player… zone the fuck out of them. Smart Gill players would go for stun regardless of what character they were. c.hp, headbutt, headbutt does around 65~80% stun to low stun charas… also lends to mixups. In general… there’s just not anything you can really do. :confused:

just drop on his ass dude and go play a real game with someone else.

yea i just drop if someone uses gill, there are no humble gill’s either they all laugh when i get stunned or after the KO (taunt laugh).

i drop on ridiculous shitty connection speeds and gill.