Versus Seth

Okay you crazy C.Viper players. I’ve got a buddy who is similarly crazy to you (plays C.Viper) and loses to Seth (me). He loses all the live-long day. Now I’ve heard people say that C.Viper is actually pretty strong against Seth, so I went to check the match-up sticky and found the Seth section empty. Alas. Are there any tips or tactics I could pass on to him?

Copy pasta of what DevilJin01 said about Seth:

"Ur basically a better version of seth. U actually take hits better than Seth does and that’s a luxury C Viper normally doesn’t have. Flash Metroid says its basically her best matchup and I’ve always thought the match was in her favor. Basically the jist is to not be afraid of Seth. U have one of the best characters in the game for dealing with j.hp. just hp seismo the shit out of him until he lands on one. Ex seismo will also beat j.hp for free from nearly anywhere on the screen. Basically if his j.hp comes in contact with your body and u do ex seismo he gets smacked.

Outside of that your character can basically fly as well. If he wants to do j.hp just chase him with super jump hk. J.hp only hits downward so if u rush him down with super jump hks he has to switch up to a different normal or losing health for free. U wanna be aggressive and build meter and make j.hp as useless as possible. He can’t even throw seth booms at u because seismo beats that free especially with the longer recovery frames. All u need is one or 2 real combos to end the match so get those 2 combos in and or seismo everything else. Obviously start blocking if he gets offensive on you but don’t be afraid to try and randomly press buttons or trade with him. Any trade will be in ur favor"

I’m currently sorting out the info so it can all be put in one place.

What are you shutting him down with? Does he have a strong viper otherwise?

Your friend sounds like he just isn’t very good at street fighter. Doesn’t matter what character you pick if the other person is just better.

I’m not sure if its saying much, but he can generally beat me 50/50 (with characters other than C.Viper) unless one of us gets on a roll. I’ve been leveling up my Seth game lately though, and its been giving him trouble. From the copied text (thanks for that by the way, I must have missed it when I was searching for advice versus Seth) it sounds like he should be using seismo a lot more.

I tend to shut him down by abusing j.HP (standard Seth stuff) then baiting him into going into the air with the firekick thing and lp.srk into headstomp. Oh, and a ton of Seth’s headstomp. I love that move. I’ll see if the seismo advice helps him, but I anticipate that between dashing and last second wall jumping it won’t help him too much.
Actually, I have like zero experience against high level C.Vipers. If anybody wants to get in some Seth matches in let me know. I’m on PC as PandarianSerf.

Stay tuned (on the off chance you’re interested) to see if he gets help from the seismo.

sounds like he just needs to learn to block, imo. Viper has no reason to be afraid of anything you have. The only mixup seth has is divekick/spd. Divekick is easy to react to, and the spd doesn’t do much damage. Just need to place 2 good combos to kill seth.

He’s probably like most other intermediate Vipers and doesn’t know how to block because he thinks Viper has to rushdown.

I wouldn’t even call someone an intermediate player if they don’t know how to block. That would be beginner level to me.