versus Yun



Yep, topic, didn’t want to go through all that “Yang Everything” :sad: advice?


whats bothering you? WAIT!!!
hmm…let me take a stab at it, GENEI JIN???

gj? man that ain t shit.

man fuck you bitch

uhh, i like yun…

i ll kill you bitch run




Well, Yang’s palm (:qcb:+:p:) attack starts up 3 frames faster than Yun’s, so you could probably palm Yun if he tries to palm you.


actually, i do know a good deal of this match up, its just when your having problems, its most likely GJ thats bothering you.


No semi-decent Yun player will EVER let you have those 3 frames to do your counter-palm.


Yeah, but I’m saying that it IS possible on the off chance that it happens.


solution: learning from what pledge and sekido did in coop cup 2.


Parry Dive Kick Mix-Up

  1. Parry Dive Kick
  2. Standing Jab
    3a) Jump Short Dive Kick - Overhead Throw
    3b) Jump Medium Dive Kick - CMK (EX) Slashes
    3c) Medium Teleport Throw/UOH/CMK-Slashes
    3d) Far teleport EX Slashes

e, f, g - there are a few more, such as UOH Super, CJP x 3 EX Slash etc