Vertical Typhoons - Who Can We Use Them Against?

Yes, Vertical typhoons have been deemed pretty much useless in Storm’s runaway game, but in reading the Storm vs. Cable thread, my interest was intrigued with this move. Who is it safe to use against? And who can punish it severely?

Now, I think Cable’s only option to be to Scimitar if he saw them coming, which does jack shit to storm because it would do at most 2 or 3 hits. I don’t think it’s possible to wavedash, superjump, AHVB Storm out of v-typhoons, it’s either just too slow or wouldn’t reach her.

Now I’m talking top-tiers here, I don’t think anyone gives a shit if you can safely vert. typhoon vs. SonSon, ya know? But i think they would connect before the super dildo did, so she’s safe in that aspect.

Anyway, what characters would you deem v-typhoons “safe” to use against?

as far as the “top tiers” i would say …

i still do this (looks for the flamethrowers), probably more than i should because it gives my assist time to heal and i can rethink a strategy if needed. but NEVER on blackie or captain users. and most of the time your gonna have to throw something in their face before you leave so you can get a chance to start.

deffinetly throw a couple cables way imo. besides pscimitar hes got nothing. unless you too low then hes got YOU.

mags can get up there easy and fast but if theres somethihg in his way on her way up to the top then you can lob a few out at him as well.

blackie is a no no. i did learn this lesson and it gets nasty

sent is safe because if your way up there the he is gonna have to fly, and that is a free super on sent so i try to get him up there after me.

another storm, … no, i wouldn’t recomend this either.

iron man, kinda the same deal as mags but i feel a little more inclined to go up then against mags.

cammy, no. simpily no. i came up with an idea for this because all the storms at my arcade are big on vert typhoons (hides from flamethrowers) just cannon spike and cancel it into killer bee assault at the top. or alpha counter one of the blocked typhoons if you have her as an assist. you should be using this assist anyway.

cyke can “own you for free” (i guess thats what im supposed to say) with his … shit, … um…the kick super … tracer beam.

psy and spiral can teleport out if it or even before she gets a chance to start … right. but i guess any body with a telport could then.

i can’t think of anything a poor doom could do with out any risk, oh wait the butthole senger SUPER :evil:

surprisingly juggs can’t fall victim to this easily, just belly flop at the top of the super jump and you 'll see juggs fly like you never thought he could.

oh and the universal way to get out: wait untill the animation of her hands are in the behind her back position, kinda like a charge before a hadoken, and hold up / forward. you’ll get out before it starts because it builds in two cycles, a little chunk at the bottom then all the way up.

i say this because i do and haven’t been properly punished :smiley:

To me it’s sort of like throwing a fireball, technically yes you can always get punished for it, but there are a lot of times you can freeze your opponent long enough to get one off… this one is off the top of my head but have opponent land on assist on their way down, sj typhoon. Remember that she can cancel to LS, so no reason not to throw them on spiral, if she wants to teleport into point blank super be my guest. Otherwise she gets forced off her line and has to regroup, giving storm momentum.

If she’s just doing runaway, i wouldn’t do any on cable/sent/etc… since all they are looking for is for you to do a column so they can catch you, you need the position more the column in that case.

Actually this is not safe on Sent, unless the Sent player isn’t that good. Yes, Sent will have to fly up there… but if he does a good sent will not do so unless a. in unfly mode or b. is already half way there.

If Sent is in unfly mode as soon as he sees the LS coming it’s unfly, block, (LS holds him there), dp.rocket punch while she’s spinning around (or some other heinous thing depending on Sent’s position)

If Sent is already half way up the screen then start flying he’ll get there before you get the LS off and slap her down with the “middle finger.”

With Sent you just fly, fp that shit.

The only time, ONLY time that I’ll do it is in at the very top of the screen, like if you can only see her legs, I’ll throw one out, maybe two, but never more than two.