Very advanced Ryu tactics from a Japanese player



I came across that, amazing matchup stuff!

I also have some notes in general Ryu gameplay and matchups if anyone is interested.


sorry if you can’t grasp the concept of the tactics. do you need help? i can walk you through.


great find… im gonna need these, i have a local tourny this weekend.


As an sa2 player these vids make me v.happy.




some of the vids are practical (reversing dud f+rh, parry ibuki f+forward > sa2, chun ex sbk punish), but thats just common knowledge - nothing new. most of the vids are just gimmicks or scrubby setups.

he left out one of the more interesting sa2 links: close st. forward, walk forward a tiny bit, link sa2.


did you check the oro and hugo counter poke videos? i thought namijin and others were just whiffing low fierce into EX joudan randomly hoping the opponent tried to poke, but apparently low forward sets it up.

i think he could have added high parry then the combo to give him double the chance of catching a poke (counter poke or parry then the combo)

i also found out that the low short shoto mash was posted over a year ago.


I’m not an Sa2 Ryu player so most of those videos were not for me