(VERY) Basic Servbot strategies

Just thought I’d add my two cents on the little guy known as Servbot. Basically, Servbot is the weakest character in the entire game…heck, probably in the entire fighting game industry. His basic attacks do less than 1% damage, his range is extremely poor, and he takes horrendous damage when he gets hit.
All the more reason you should take up the challenge and try playing a few games with him. You see, I see all of these disadvantages as mere hurdles that need to be overcome, and I try to look on the bright side of things with regards to the little guy:

  • He’s extremely small.
  • He’s very fast on his feet.
  • His (Balanced-Type) Assist does a TON of chip damage.
  • His punches and kicks are more or less the same, so not a lot of transition there with his basic moves.

Basic combos:

  • Crouching LK, LK, FK, XX into Tank Attack. (4-6 hits)
  • Crouching LP, LP, FP, XX into Curry Breath. (4 hits)
  • Crouching LK, LK, FK, XX into Servbot Assist (Run!) (4 hits)
  • Servbot Assist (Hold!), Jumping LK, LP, FP, follow up with either of the above combos.
  • Jumping LK, LP, FP, Tap forward twice quickly, Standing LP, FP,
    LP, LK, LP, LK, Curry Breath.
  • (in corner) Above combo, but end with FP, FK instead of Curry Breath (11 hits)
  • (in corner) Above combo, but end with Curry Breath for a 13 hit combo.

These are the basic combos that Servbot have to fend with. They don’t really do much damage, but you can still keep your opponent on their toes with these. Basically, the objective of Servbot is to try to evade your opponent using his small size as an advantage, and whittle him little by little with the above combos and moves, until you build enough to unleash a Gamma-Type Lunch rush on him.
Speaking of which:

Gamma (Balanced-Type)

Trust me. This assist type is the best one out of the bunch, as it generates one of the deadliest chippers in the game when you fill up a Super Combo meter. Don’t bother with the other two…they’re not worth your time.

Now, with regards to this Super Combo, it can eat through your opponent’s guard pretty well, but it’s easily S.Jumped over. Here’s a little strategy I use to make them stay put so they can collect a big old bag of Chips Ahoy:

(During opponent’s guard)
LK, LK, Crouching FK, Tank Attack, XX into Lunch Rush.

The tank will virtually pin your opponent down so he/she will have no choice but to eat severe chip damage. With regards to the King Servbot special…don’t use it. PERIOD. Unless you’re kidding around, you do not want to transform Servbot into a gigantic target, which is basically what he becomes. Magneto and Storm will WAIL on him with punishment, and the poor guy can’t do anything as he is unable to block.

GOOD ASSIST CHARACTERS: (I recommend the ones in BOLD the most)
Iron Man (Anti-Air Assist)
Mega Man (Mega Buster)
Cable (Viper Beam)
Tron Bonne (Sonic Rings)
Omega Red (Carbonadium Coil toss)- Servbot is very handy at triangle jumps, so try to disorient your opponent so Omega Red can toss him sky high!

I’d recommend pairing up Tron every single time you pick Servbot. If you know how to cross up with him, you’d make your opponent eat those Rings for heavy damage, which more than makes up for his own puny damage output. A simple thing to try is to launch, do an Air Combo, call Tron as soon as you land and quickly get on the other side before your opponent gets up. If he does get hit from the Rings, it’s a matter of comboing into a launch, rinse, repeat, or setting it up for a Lunch Rush if it is blocked. Either way, your opponent can’t avoid getting damaged.

Iron Man is there because that AAA sets up ridiculous potential for timely Lunch Rushes, and covers Servbot for Air attacks rather nicely. Be aware that you can OTG with Jab, Fierce when your opponent hits the floor from this move, so you can set them up for a Launch (and that strategy with Tron I talked about earlier.)

Basically, to get the most out of Servbot:

  • Make sure he has at least one Assist with a decent Projectile back-up move;
  • Keep moving all over the place, so your opponent can’t track you down,
  • Try to whittle down your opponent’s life with the Gamma-type Lunch Rush when he comes after Servbot.
  • Try to use a few combos on your opponent if you manage to slide under his move, despite the fact that they don’t do much damage.

Well, that’s basically it from me.
If anybody has anything they’d like to contribute towards Servbot in terms of strategy, please, feel free to post them here. I’m looking forward to making Servbot a very competitive player, and, sad to say, he’s still far behind in that category.
See you guys… :karate:

EDIT: Whoops. Meant to say ‘Balanced’ Type Assist, not Projectile.

Personally I like to use his Balance Assist Type (I think its that, I play the japanese version). The reason why is its DHC potiential. If they block it it deals more damage if they don’t you can DHC.

thats my 2 cents

Thanks, guys.
Servbot is a character that holds a lot of potential to me.
He’s probably THE hardest character to mould into a competition-worthy opponent, with the simplest set of moves you could ask for.
However, once you see all of the tricks you could pull off with this little guy, he quickly becomes a very fun character to play.


i saw soo mighty (a long time ago) use mags/server/something and did tremendous chip damage, something like 25%, with serv on point.

what are the main chip strats/teams if we want to use serv on point?


I think we have to first accept the fact that Servbot is not a serious character to fight with. He is a very cool joke character, so you should (whenever you decide to pick this cute little guy) always intend to have fun with him.

Some points (and re-iterated from older posts I would imagine):

-Servbot pretty much has to be uniquely combo’d or mauled with low attacks
-Servbot has a super when on Y-type assist, does respectable chip damage
-Certain assists, when just used alone, do not hit Servbot given his very small size

That said, I think some awesome reasons to pick Servbot as part of your team would be to:

a) flaunt how GDLK your other 1 or 2 characters are solo or combined


you get the picture…

b) play Servbot on point and just be a hard-to-hit-target while making it particularly dangerous and/or hella annoying to chase you at the same time
*chasing Servbot can be dangerous when he has a really good anti-rushdown assist and trying to trap Serv full-screen could also be potentially dangerous given he has Cable-aa VC option, etc
[Tron-Y, Invinc aa, Glitched Jugz, Doom-B, Sent-a…]

c) attempt tag-out shenanigans

Juggy/Serv/Tron-Y or Doom-B —> glitch Jugz, tag to Serv
Gief/Sent, Mag, Storm, Cable, IM/Serv —> mech Gief, tag to Serv
Serv/IM, WM, Mag, Chun/Cable-aa --> try to get rushed down and score a good tag out into inf…try to build meter and get a good VC into Cable, then kill with AHVB and tag serv back in

*you could also be creative and set-up some sort of random tag into a nice combo into DHC, so it would pretty much look like…

Serv-Y/DHC character/Tag character…score tag, combo, DHC, kill, tag in Serv…rinse, wash, and try to repeat

etc, etc…

d) use Servbot as a battery =P

LOL factor

Of course, you can expect good players to tear that @$$ up, but when it works it is quite worth it. Almost as fun as picking Chun-aa/Megaman/Doom-B and building meter just to Beat Plane ppl XD

Little tidbits since I’ve been experimenting with the little guy a lot recently.

-Servbot has one of the best instant overheads in the game. Using this with assist can setup nice combo resets, setups for supers, and even setups for things like double hail storms.

-Each servbot super has unique advantages.

Ex: Alpha lunch-rush forces a stand-up when hitting an opponent. This works extremely well vs sentinel. …Servbot (a) w/ tron proj vs crouching sentinel: j.lp, j.lp, j.fk + tron, dash in s.lp, s.lp, lunch rush, let the bots hit for a bit, DHC, strider orbs. Sentinel is now standing, Orbs > jump infinte. This also works with characters like magneto (in corner), Felicia, etc.

More on this later.

I play ruby\servebot ron ALLLLL the time online.

his FS off his sj.rh leaves him in the same position as spidey’s sj.fp FS. Right there, servebot can land, call tron, j.lk, j.mk, late j.rh, land, dash back in, s.lk, s.rh, AC, end with sj.rh and loop it up again. The fucked up thing is that tron rings COMPLETELY hide servebot. So this mixup is a 50\50 that you can’t see. You can also do single poke + tron when grounded, instant overheads which completely hides him again.

His j.rh also breaks super armor in 1 hit. So when you fight against sentinel\jugg, sj.rh FS, call tron before landing, land, nj.rh will break there armor and you get a full tron series into another loop.

ruby\servebot ron

c.lk+tron, c.mk, spike or ghost chest, cancel ghost super, cancel servebot balance type super does EXTREME chip damage. Its very retarded on block. Whats funny that if you set this up right, servebot gets to do a mixup behind the ghosts which hide his little ass. You can even call tron in that situation while the ghosts are out and you make it the damage potential for the invisible mixup very threatening. Ruby AA also complements servebot very well. He loves using her spike in conjucntion with copters.

Very nice stuff.

I play servbot/tron a lot, too. I like mixing up an air combo > fk, land, over head + tron or land, poke > over head plus tron.

I also like doing the overhead + cyke AAA, since it setups for other air combos and double super DHCs. …Launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, fk, land, call cykes, j.u/b + fk, land, Gamma lunch rush xx hailstorm, hailstorm. This does so much damage against assist.

I’m really starting to get into his Beta lunch rush. It’s sort of the over looked super but I find it to be pretty effective. While it doesn’t do as much damage as the alpha/gamma super or as much chip damage as the gamma super, it has interesting uses.

-Each servbot does 1 point of chip damage on block for 16pts of chip. Not too shabby. thats about a blocked cykes MOB.

-Its a lot more difficult to avoid these guys once they start combing down. Unlike with the alpha/gamma lunch rushes that you can sj. over.

-on block, it pushes characters a full screen distance away. On hit, it carries them even farther.

-I have to confirm this, but in some occasions it looks like i was able to create an unblockable when it hit an assist first and then carried them to the point character. Similar to magneto shockwave unblockable.

-It causes screen shift, making some supers unblockable. Ex vs flying sent with doom on point. SJ. xx ad up, photon array, DHC into lunch rush. The screen shift causes the pink stuff to come down a lot faster, making it impossible for sent to unfly, block in time.

-As soon as you do the super, you can DHC and each servbot will still come out. On a block opponent, this makes a lot of usually unsafe DHCs safe. Supers like headcrush, PC, shockwave, etc become a lot safer. Even with usually safe DHCs, on a blocking opponent, the lunch rush gives you more of an advantage since they still come out. So, with sent vs blocking opponent, you can lunch rush, DHC in HSF, then wave dash in while the bots are still hitting, start a stomp pattern with doom for massive chip. With storm: lunch rush, DHC into hail, then RTSD while the bots are hitting. Keep in mind that the window to DHC is pretty small. So, you’ll want to DHC as soon as you see the first servbot falling.

-On topic of safe DHCs, this super sets up traps extremely well. Especially with the difficulty of jumping away/out of the super once it starts hitting.

Examples vs blocking opponents:

a) serbot (beta)/spiral/sent ground: j.lp + sent, j.fk, land, dash in s.lp, drones hit, Lunch rush, DHC spiral sword super. Spiral super ends/bots still hitting, call in sent dash in s.fp, drones hit, xx swords > trap

b) serbot (b)/cable/storm vertical typhoon assist (exp?): crossup fk, land, lunch rush, DHC time flip/bots still hitting > cable/storm trap

-If the super hits an opponent, this also sets up a some decent setups. More flash, IMO, than anything else.

Examples vs non blocking opponents:

a) launch xx lunch rush, DHC shockwave. shockwave hits/bots carry opponents out of wave, dash in, sj.lk, lk xx ad down, lk, lk…ROM

b) launch xx lunch rush, hailstorm, land, hail storm.

c) s.lp, s.lp xx lunch rush, DHC plasma ball, bots hit, lp RP xx HSF

d), launch xx lunch rush, DHC captain sword, bots carry opponent after sword, Captain storm.

A main team of mine in MvC2 is Kobun+Dan+Juggheadnaut
Yeah I know it’s not the strongest combination, but I just play MvC2 for fun and…I like Kobun.
Sadly I can’t help but use his A-Assist ver. mainly because the cute little fellow serves lunch to the other 39 Kobuns along with Data (Poor Kobun #41 =( ) for his QCF+2P super…and it’s my fav. Super in the game :sweat:

As such, could you guys give me some pointers for better utilizing this team?

On occasion i run what i call Team Insult. Mag\Serv\Dan. Destroy 1 and 2 with mag and have at least 3 bars left. When 3 is almost dead(like pixels left) sj with mag cancel into hyper grav, serv gamma super, then(the insult) dans SUPER TAUNT!!! tons o fun.

Updated some info in my initial post. Probably one of the most effective teams (excluding Gods) you can stick Servbot in is Servbot/Tron (Projectile)/Iron Man (AAA), in that order. See above as for why.