Very Curious...

Just really curious, I was looking at my PS3 blue ray remote and thinking to myself, could that be hacked into a stick? Now I know that It’s most likely possible, but has anyone actually had any experience with this?

You can’t even use the remote to play a game in the first place.

Im sorry to correct you JDM714, but your wrong there. I was very suprised when the remote worked for ssf4!

What other games does it work on?
I don’t even have a PlayStation 3 or ever played on one.

Can you press more than one Button at same time?

There was a Thread about this before too.
Someone asked about using Blu-ray Remote to make Arcade Stick.

Okay, found.

Perhaps they updated the firmware since that time.

Thanks for the old threads, still isnt very conclusive. Does anyone actually know anyone that has “successfully” hacked the blue ray remote into a stick? Because judging from the pics shown, the pcb itself doesn’t look too shabby.

Didn’t it show the guy hacking the PCB? It shows it works. Maybe not perfect, but it’s seems pretty conclusive that someone’s done it.

last time I tried to use my remote on my ps3 in a game it just does nothing

they must have updated it

yup, what about the updating?