Very easy and quick .gif avatar wanted, (i have the pics already)

I don’t know how to make gifs and ive tried alot using gimp but i sucked. anyways, i just need this pic, and then after a couple seconds, it goes to a screen saying Dogface & MegamanDS vs the world, another screen saying AIM MegamanDS for Money Matches at Evo.

It can be as plain and cheesy as you want it to be.



i did this like, a week ago… but i suppose it’s too late now.

hey thanks alot!!!

can you make the same thing for dog-face, he is a premium member.

edit: i see that picture is for premium member size, so i will give it to dogface. the only last thing i ask is if you can take the last frame off with the MM, just leave it as megamands and dogface vs… the world.