Very Frusterated with Makoto



Makoto simply just takes way too much more effort than anyone other character in the game. Ryu is the most effortless yet most easily damaging character in the game. No big deal… there are 39 more characters to play as, right? But then again, 80% of everyone that plays this game only uses Ryu >.> <.<
As you can see, I’m a little salty right now. I just can’t find a solution to beating DP’ers. Anything I do, I get DP’d. Through a mix up, a combo; ANYTHING. And if it’s not a DP, it’s a throw.
When me and a Ryu trade in the air and I block for a DP to bait, I get thrown. If I try to tech a throw, I get DP’d. If I’m doing block strings, I get mashed with EX DP. I just can’t get it. DP DP DP DP. I cannot stand them. They are my biggest weakness. I’m pretty good at getting in on fireball spamming. But once I get in… SHOOOOOORRRRRYYYYYYYUUUUKEEEEENNNN!
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. >.> It’s so annoying. I can’t just bait it out, because whenever I block for bait, I only get grabbed (as I said before lol). I hate Ryu with a passion… a 3 year old could get 3000 PP with him.
So I need help… what do you guys do when you’re battling a DP masher with Makoto? How would you battle out? How would you bluff for him to DP? Only bluff I know is her safe jump. Please help. Thanks. This is my first thread by the way :open_mouth: I will always have faith in Makoto. Heart. <3


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For me, I main gen and am no where in hell close to actually wining constantly with him but for me. When i play dp people, i tend to find out what can punish them on block if they do a string. Another thing about throws is learning from experience ( lost to a Cody on base due to grabs for 3 straight games lol) that always be ready for a tech grab as well as learn each character what they look like when grabbing. That my 2 cents into this topic as a newb


clp. s.lp. (its a chain). backdash
jump in HP backdash.
air reset backdash.
if the people like to DP alot… backdash. if their reversal goes forward, jump back.
dont be there to have to deal with a throw DP mixup. alot of people stand tech vs makoto until you establish
when i play people with anywhere below 3000pp i usually win because they hang themselves. boring, yes, but people freak out against makoto and mash things


There’s a lot of things you can do to beat dp. You def want to learn safe jumps but they don’t work against 3 frame reversals anyway so that’s moot against ryu. Get out of the mindset that you’re playing against ryu. It’s more player vs player than it is character vs character–save for a few matches like cammy. This is what you need to focus on:

  1. Footsies - Makotos walk speed sucks so this is going to be an uphill battle but even though she isn’t a good footsies character you need to have good footsies AS A PLAYER.

From that you can pressure the other player just by punishing their whiffed normals and put them into a mixup situation because of it.

  1. Mixup - a lot of what makes Mak scary is her mixup, especially if the opponent is left standing like after a hayate or is a reset situation. Her mixup isn’t The standard rock paper scissors mixup. A lot of what she can do IS NOT safe but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. If if your opponent starts mashing jab you frame trap them, if they dp you can bait, etc etc. each time you continue your pressure you’re opening both you and the other player up into a new guessing game. There is always an element of risk involved everytime you try to continue your pressure/mixup/reset but it’s a necessary evil. If you play entirely safe you’re predictable and you basically just lost to yourself.

  2. OS dash. You can frame trap and OS dash to punish back dash or jump. When You should use it won’t be obvious. This is something you’re going to have to experiment with. It’s useful though, trust me.

As a side note you also want more than one way to punish they’re defensive options. Throw beats block but what’s stopping them from crouch blocking? An experienced player will use something with a lot of active frames and hit you out of Ex oroshi. Just like gamerbee likes to instant overhead with j. Rh we can tk ex axe kick and it WILL hit. Don’t just look at videos and mimic become your own player. You can learn some tricks from other players but makoto it’s extremely free form. Don’t limit her to what other players are doing. Message me if you have questions


Oh and like I always say, do whatever you want until they give you a reason not to. That’s makoto 101


Your last thoughts are pretty intriguing… Who do you think the most free-form characters are in AE?

I was a Honda player in ST who tried to play ST Honda in AE2012. Bad idea, haha. Point is, I’m switching mains and taking the game seriously now that I’m back from EVO, and I’m running into a problem: I want the speed, damage, and creative options that I had in ST. If that’s not possible, then I’ll give up. However, I feel like there has to be some character in 4 that provides all of that…


I’d go with ibuki tbh. With jump canceling she can be extremely free form, deal good damage, and she’s very fast

Btw I was born in Lafayette. I notice you’re in a Louisiana fgc group


Oh yeah, I organize the Shreveport group, and I co-run the LAFGC facebook group. If you’re ever down here – hit us up!

I was under the impression that Ibuki was a really gimmicky character that relied on a vortex to win anything past the amateur level?


No way. Watch clakeyd and sako play


Hmmm… Will do. Sorry for the derailment – back to Mak/hating 3 frame reversals.