Very frustrating problem with my T5 sticks

Hello everyone, something very weird has been happening and I would appreciate any advice.

First off, my T5 Hori that I’ve had since 2005 stopped working shortly before Evo this year. Specifically, PS2s would not recognize it anymore. We tried to replace the controller port connector by soldering on a different one from an old PS2 pad, but this has proven extremely inconsistent; when I try to connect this stick to my PC, it will rapidly shift between “OK” and “Not Connected”, and PS2s give similar results.

Much stranger than this, though, is what came next. I purchased a new T5 stick for Evo, and it clearly had not been used much if at all; everything felt fine, none of the paint was worn, etc. Now, not even a month later, nothing will recognize it AT ALL. The only use this stick has gotten was at Evo, at a Melty Blood tournament, and a couple Guilty Gear practice sessions on my PS2. Now when I try to plug it into a PS2 or my PC, it does nothing, ever.

The PS2 and PC will still recognize my pads (one of which has seen frequent use) and my old broken SC2 Hori (which I haven’t used in years), but not the T5’s. Is my PS2 screwing up the pins or doing something else to kill them, I wonder? Is there any way to salvage them?

I especially hate the thought of an $80 stick dying within a month and would love to hear any possible suggestions.


use a psx pad instead of an old ps2 pad

Try replacing the PCBs with PSX dual shocks.

you might as well try to see if its just the cord and not the pcb itself. you can replace any t5/hrap ps2 cord with any other t5/hrap ps2 cord without soldering, it simply plugs into the pcb. worth it to check, its the least hassle and it may solve your problem.

The thing is though, both my T5s have the same problem. This would be great if it worked, but I’m not seeing how it would.

TingBoy: I have old PSX controllers lying around, but I don’t think they’re dual shocks. Would I have to go buy a couple?


Your PS2 controller port breaks cords. I’ve seen PS2s that do it

You can buy some here…

or Ebay

Btw, are you interested in selling one of your broken t5? Or we maybe can work something out with me swapping out the pcb for you for one? PM me if you are interested, thanks!