Very getto results for 1/11/03 Charlotte CvS2, 3S, MvC2


I don’t know shit yet, but I hope someone that went will see this thread and post results in this thread.:rolleyes: :lol: :cool:



1 - Derick Perez VA
2 - Eric V VA

3rd Strike

1 - Derick Perez VA
2 - Eric Lee Maryland/VA


1 - Derick Perez VA
2 - Matt Kavelek VA

All in all it was good times

Derick is too good…VA represent :slight_smile:



well good games everyone VA is too powerfull were goona have to ban them lol


Team Southtown…

…oh yeah HVS, Derik might be good but he uses fucked up tactics like accusing people of bullshit, and he knows exactly what I’m talking about…fucking scrub!! If he says he’s a good player he should be WELL aware of my characters ratio, as a matter of fact he should be VERY AWARE, otherwise he should be considered a scrub. Is it convinent that he THOUGHT my Rock’s ratio was switched AFTER I trounced on his Vega…literally.I wonder…if I WOULD have won the fight would he have gone to the officals and start some bullshit and demand a rematch…he knows and I know that he would have done that…look(lol BUT MY MATCH WAS RECORDED AND THE TRUTH WAS SET FREE, as well as my reputation as a legit Streetfighter, as for Derik whatever his name is I’m not so sure, A LOT of people know now that he was SCARED AS HELL OF MY ROCK thats why he despretly seeked a way out, fuck that shit NO ONE accuses me of some bullshit esspecially when I’m not at fault ) I’m not trying to drag this into something big or anything, but I heard from some peeps that SOME of the VA/Maryland crew was talkin shit about NC look man if Team Southtown is kickin your ass just let it be man it’s just Rock, Terry and Geese if they are winning be HAPPY for the person using them, even if their tactics are simple yet effective(like don’t talk shit to the people TRYING to make the game funner AND more intresting to watch…Team Southtown rulez.!!! P.S. I’ll settle for 4th now but I’ll be back and Derik if you were scared of my Rock then you just wait…!!! "I’ll Be Back"
Good shit Lamont you just shut me down …oh yeah thaks for taking it easy on me and not just destoying me like you could have I guess you just respected Team Southtown great shit congrats to Fommy and Lamont for the 2nd and 3rd places and to D. Perez you are obviously focused on JUST the money and not makin friends or anything just winning and talking shit you little fucking scrub DON"T YOU EVER ACCUSE ANYONE OF ANYTHING IF YOUR NOT SURE OF YOURSELF THAT SHIT CAN AND WILL GET YOU KILLED IN THE REAL WORLD THAT’S WORD FROM THE STREETS…and yes I do know this is just a game!!!


Ummmm as far as I know this part of VA (SOVA south va) has had NO problems with NC…I heard about what happened with Derick and I cant really comment because I wasnt standing there when it went down…

You probably shouldnt accuse VA of talking shit about NC when in fact we were hanging out with NC the nite before…you shouldnt start state drama over something personal…just a word to the wise…I should know I have opened my mouth one too many times and learned my lesson…

Derick is still a great player…he has won more tournies than this…its too bad you think he is a scrub…maybe you should have said that to him in person instead of posting your hate messages on every thread that you think he might look @…

just a suggestion…



Hate to say this to Wayne, but HVS is right. If you have a personal problem with Derick then you should take it up with him and not the states of MD and VA. It doesn’t look good for your character or for the the state either. Not that I’m criticizing your skill, you know how much I admire your CvS2 skills and otherwise. Just giving you some advice.

Later y’all.

Hope to make the next one of these. :slight_smile:


Sorry but I did say SOME not all, if your cool with us cool, BUT THEIR WAS SHIT TALKING ABOUND.


Youre right and I will address that on the offical results thread…

along with alot of other issues…however you are getting a little out of hand with all the posting on different threads and calling out some of the peeps from VA when you dont really know for sure if shittalking was going on…however…to think you are going to have a large tourney like this without a little shittalking is stupid…it happens @ all tourneys with a mix of different states…its pretty obvious you havent had alot of large tourney experience…thats not a joke or a cut…its just pretty clear from the way you are acting…




Look man your advise is cool but I don’t think this weakens my character at all Erik, IT MAKES IT STRONGER,I’m standing up for myself when Derik Perez ACCUSED me of cheating he knew who my Lv.2 was he was just looking for a way out AND EVEYBODY FROM DURHAM KNOWS IT HELL EVEN SOME VA BOYS KNOW THE DEAL WITH HIM.You just werent there… the VA cats Foomy,Trent,Hvs,Arvell yeah THOSE are mad cool but Derik is GRIMEY AS HELL!!



OK HVS maybe your right and I’m being a little out of hand, but look at it from my point of view HE acussed ME not vice verca if I would have won what would have stoped him from going to the officals and accusing me of cheating,which is OBVIOUSLY what he would have done and pleace HVS I’ve got like 5 witnesses and they all agreed the match should have been redone But I agreed to play the match that’s that. Look HVS I might not have that much tourney experience but I’ve played long enough to know when someone is TRYING TO PULL MY CHAIN and thats what your boy attempted to do with me!


Their is no hate in my soul, at least for the most part but when someone fucks with your rep thats major disrespect to me thats like a slap on the face you know …well maybe not!


All controversies aside, I had a great time I must say. I didn’t actually see the matches in question nor hear any shit talk, so I won’t comment on that at all.

Many thanks to the Mindboggle staff, each and every one, they all tried to improve over last time and I feel that they suceeded. The layout of the games made things roomier, and everybody involved was very responsive and patient… so thanks! And good job to Joey on Marvel, too. He had a real chance against Shaun B., I saw that match…

Also, sorry to everybody about getting ghost on my 2nd match of MvC2, I took a quick spin after I lost my 1st match and got stuck in traffic getting back. Thanks for not DQing me… :p:)

I also have to give mad props to JC and his brother Jose for letting Omar and BLT buy them out on their Marvel spots. Very gracious of them, and I wanted that to go on record.

Dee, sorry I missed your after-game session, but it was so late when things wrapped up that I just went on home. I got veggies for next time, promise!

HVS, I’m glad I had an opportunity to apologize for that little tiff we had… good to see you, and take care. For the record, I felt my victory over you was a little hollow with the time setting and all; I know that was a factor, and I still consider you the better player. I know both you and Trent would kick me down any day… good seeing you all, and Arvelle, even though you didn’t end up needing to crash you know you were straight… :wink:

Good shyt in CvS2, NC really repped nicely. Lamont, Wayne, Shaun C., Lu… you all did yourselves proud. Dwayne (bison812) had a good outing, and not half bad in Marvel either. Got to chill with Greenville Matt, nice to see him do well.

…but for this tourney, NOVA was the scene to beat. I have to give credit where it is due. Good showings by all, nice chillin’ with you guys.

Fayetteville crew, always a pleasure. You guys + Ted = the coolest gamerz I know my age… :lol:

Sami, good job getting 5th in a very tough Marvel field, and also putting in work on 3S. Holler @ me before you leave in March.

Taz, you still got it, even though your goblin is broken & everything… hope you got back safe (8 hrs!). Foomy, I think your game will be tight until you’re like 99 years old! :eek:

That was a pretty good tourney for me to end on, if it comes to that… we’ll see. Thanks to everybody for the support and fellowship, it was nice, actually worth missing the ball games (even though I got drug in Marvel caz play mostly by Taz, Omar and a few Charlotte players…). I even ran into Jimmy & Israel, whom I haven’t seen in about a year…


"Sometimes I feel like a bad influence, giving away good luck beers and such… :lol::evil:"



You should have argued to replay the match…to argue about it now isnt going to do anything but cause alot of misunderstanding for you and for people reading that werent there…

I am not condoning what he did, from the way it sounds it was just a bad situation altogether. If it were that important you should have just said, “I want to replay” and argued it there…The reason why I am saying that its pretty clear that you havent had alot of experience is because in a major tourney if something like that happened (controversal match) then the person that felt they were done wrong usually argues a replay…

If you didnt do that then its just as much your fault as it is his…thats all I am saying…

next time dont let it happen…argue a rematch…then you wont have to come online and type all of this out of anger…it just causes more trouble for everyone than a solution…

you guys are all mad cool…I just dont like to see shit like this go down…




Please HVS this is NOT out of anger but out of a need of respect, HE TRIED TO PLAY MY FACE AND SHIT JUST DON’T GO DOWN LIKE THAT AROUND HERE MISSY. I’m waiting for him to reply with some thing truthful and intellegent because if he lies about something me and 5 others will know it so if he has brains and actually craves respect he souldn’t even post up here!




Well Wayne, I’ll let you do your own thing then. Just a fair bit of warning though that besides the people who really know you, it really looks like you are whining or looking for a fight. If thats what you want others to think of you then thats fine. And most likely you’ll probably be inviting a flame war on yourself. Not to diss you or nothing, but this is the cold truth of relaying messages via a computer screen. Hope this doesn’t affect our friendship.

Once again, just trying to give out some advice.



Ahhh yes…post tourney bitching! Always fun…whether you want my opinion or not, you’re gonna get it. Wayne, I was standing right there when the shit happened, and it was pretty fucked up, but HVS is right. You should have argued it then, not now. If you had replayed the match then and there, there wouldn’t be any of this drama now. The only thing you can do now is wait for the next tourney and beat him then. I know you could have done it, and whether he wants to admit it or not, Darick knows it, too. For now, though, just chill until then, cuz there’s absolutely no point in complaining about it now. You and Darick are both cool with me, and the last thing I wanna see is some MORE VA/NC shit…I saw enough of that after the last tourney.

Getting my ass kicked in Marvel just made me wanna play it more…I have resolved from now on to use nothing but Spiral. Mags didn’t work for me, he never has and he never will. Whether Sent/Capcom fucks me up or not(and it does…horribly), Spiral will remain from now forward.

3rd Strike was fun as always, but now there are two more people on Yun’s hit list…Arvelle and Trent, beware the Genei!

For some odd reason, I had to play against Eric Lee twice before the losers finals of CVS2. This is getting kind of annoying, and if it were to have happened in a game I give a rat’s ass about, then I’d have been pissed off, but I had no business getting that far in CVS2 anyway, so fuck it. Fuck that game.

ST Balrog=oh so cheap. For that matter, ST=oh so cheap. I love that game:D .

Alpha 3 had a long ass line to play. That tells me one thing. Shoulda had an A3 tourney. It woulda finished before 12, too!

All in all, I had a blast. Got to chill with people I haven’t seen in a while, and met some new folks, as well. I can’t wait for the dojo to open so we can have tourneys less than 4 hours away from me!


Yeah wayne (not KID) you should take your friends advice it really didnt matter because you where going to lose to derick anyways. I was sitting right beside Derick during the fight and when it happened it wasnt really a big deal it was like…

(Derick)… You changed your ratio
(Wayne)… No I didnt
(Derick)… Oh ok I am going to beat your ass anyways

Hey man dont take it personal you win some and you lose some but Derick just out classed you man thats all.:cool:


This is my last post on the subject matter the guy TRIED TO PLAY MY FACE and Cy-young of course you have his back, he tried to make it seem like I was cheating how would YOU feel, if someone accused you of cheating, I’m just defending my honor something i’m pretty sure D.Perez knows little of.And no Erik I’m not looking for any kind of beef or war i’m to grown for that BUT I WILL VOICE MY OPINON! Well I think anyone who takes a loss to Rock has a LOT of work to do in thier game.
AND Matt this is NOT BITCHING i’m just stating what he was thinking was all fucked up is all…Well I guess it’s time to retire Team Southtown…but their lies hope in one that sees the light he knows who he is, put Terry on the team use N-Groove and learn the shit!


your whole team lost anyways… so it doesnt matter