Very Important Announcement from LaughingHyena of DMG


DMG has reached its 20th month birthday and I look back of where we came from and to where we are now. In the past few months, a good number of monumental events have occurred; the gaining of PR Balrog , BurnYourBra, Rob and Craig Stevens, DMG’s performance at EVO, the steady climb of high placement in tournaments, receiving respect from the community and gaining the trust of its fans. The only thing we can do now is to move forward and never look back. We will continue gain footage as the weeks, months pass by and we will have no regrets. We will take every lost with strive and we will take every win with honor. At the end we are DMG and we do what we do best; win!
The announcement is based on two facts:

? East Coast does not have proper representation when it is compared to the west coast
? The only entity that people felt was the true representation of the east coast was EMP and this will explain why EMP is not fit to represent the east coast

Over the year EMP ruled with a power glove and went to various venues showing their dominants. Over the year they have battled the west coast, south east, mid-west and even Japan. The FGC followed EMP with the hopes and inspirations that they will represent the east coast the way it deserves to be represented.

Over time, EMP’s true agenda was disclosed by the Dark Emperor himself; “We do not represent the west coast, we do not represent the east coast. We represent EMP.”

Do not get me wrong, EMP have contributed what they could contribute to the FGC. I have nothing but respect of “it’s” players but EMP, as the brand and company, has surrounded them in so much controversy that it hurts the image and reputation of the brand. Ranging from rigging brackets, to having EMP’s top players leaving the brand because they were unhappy of the direction where the company is heading and the notorious troll Millena, catching the Dark Emperor with his pants down, literately.

Bottom line this is no way for a “superior” brand to have this type of image. To the point that no well respected company would want to conduct business with them. Why would they? I will be the first to admit that I approached TriForce of doing some sort of joint ship regarding SBO.

However, after seriously thought about what may come out of it; positively and negatively, I have decided not to conduct business with TriForce because of the repercussions that may follow.

The players in the west coast, a very talented and well known group of players, clearly they state who they are and what they represent. What’s wrong with this picture? Now this is my personal opinion; IMO the east coast houses more quality players than the west coast. As mentioned before that’s just my humble opinion.

DMG is taking the seat of power as we set the bar when it comes to the quality of high skill of its players and proper representation in the east coast.

As mentioned before, we will get a lot of heat because of this and that’s ok. Even though we are ready for the heat; we are welcoming the praises.




Wrong forum, guy. Try Fighting Game Discussion.


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I dunno, but I think he’s trying to show us his dominants.


I’ve never heard of DMG


What’s DMG brah?


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Listen to this guy. Also, don’t waste time tearing into EMP. Just put your name out there, and handle your business.


yo the other day i was watching late night infomercials and they had an old one with triforce and he was singing the praises of legalzoom and he said thanks to their services he was able to secure a stable of gamers whose talent would make him a very wealthy man.

don’t use legalzoom for your player contracts.


The audio is too low…fuck that.


i wonder if West Coast ever had this godlike type of WWE drama the East Coast has.


I loled.

but yeah who’s DMG?


damn man this post and announcement don’t make you look good breh. should have just kept your movement going


i cant wait til halloween so grocery stores can start carring frankenberries and count chocula


I have one question just one.




Why don’t you have a power glove?


Watched the vids. You seem like you actually care about the scene, which is cool by me. GL to you and your guys/gal :\


Can I join?


I first read 20th year and thought I was fucken retarded for not knowing who or what this is. Then I reread 20th month and just laughed? Who is this guy?


I fear your dominants.


So… THIS is what it feels like to be moving along at high speed, everything’s going well, and you make a wrong turn onto some winding street that dumps you face first in the middle of WTF Town. Thanks dude. :tup: