Very important cammy information for udoneko

a friend of a friend has a Japanese book about SF Zero 3, and this is what it reveals…
Vega’s 12 Dolls aren’t clones of Cammy. Instead, they were kidnapped from various places around the world (and then supposedly genetically enhanced like Cammy). Here’s a list of their names and the countries they came from…

  1. Enero (Spain) - January
  2. Fevrier (France) - February
  3. Marz (Germany) - March
  4. Aprile (Italy) - April
  5. Satsuki (Japan) - May
  6. Juni (Germany) - June
  7. Juli (Germany) - July
  8. Santum (Vietnam) - August
  9. Xiayu (China) - September
  10. Yanyu (China) - October
  11. Noembelu (Latin) - November

this is also a scanned page from that book…

anyway i hope that you undoneko when or if planing to show more of bisons dolls in the future will remember these dolls and not create whole new ones.

Well, that ‘scan’ is listed under fan-fics and doesn’t look anything like any sort of Capcom artwork I’ve ever seen. >.>

Doesn’t seem very believable to me…

i dont care if it doesnt seem very believeable to you these dolls appeared in the streetfighter alpha 3 video game in cammys ending and its not listed under fan fics it listed under cammy news thats just a url probleme. i’m pretty sure the scan came from the book but i will check it out with stefan.

Yeah, all of his info is accurate, even the picture.

Anyway, I don’t think that you have to worry about it because I’m pretty sure that Udon knows how to portray the dolls. They stated before that they are familiar with the story Faq, and all of this info and more is located within.

thankyou very much clay.:slight_smile:

thank you chimi… that was the most inspiring thing on the dolls i’ve ever seen… u made me stay up all night holding off studying, just to make juli into decapre…shes teh hottest.

Stefan, as in Stefan from

If you DO know him, please inform him that he’s a moron. I’ve never seen a bigger collection of mindless, biased shit on the net than The site really is insulting to the Street Fighter fan populace.

He takes being a hardcore closed minded fanboy to the next level.

I’m sure many others agree, that’s probably why he doesn’t make his email available :slight_smile:


I’m sure he knows that lots of people don’t like Stefan. Me included.

Japanese Fan Artist Ataru did really good drawings of the 12 Dolls. He’s even drawn Gouken’s daughter! Sadly, his Site is gone. (Still managed to print out all the drawings though! HEH! HEH!) Last time I visited, he was doing a Doujinshi Doll Manga!

Actually, I’m pretty sure those doujinshi are being done by friends of his, not him, himself. Art style isn’t his.

And his site’s still up. The URL just moved.

I seriously want to see that

how is his site full of BS its true he is a little close minded and has a bit of what some might call an unusal obsession with cammy but hes not THAT bad.

TiamatRoar - Thanks! Glad to know his Site is still around! Gotta put it through one of them funky online translators when I get a chance.

His Gouken’s Daughter Drawing should be there in the Art Section. I’ll post a direct Link when I find it. Anyone, feel free to beat me to it!

Gouken’s Daughter!

And for all his great drawings including the Twelve Dolls -

Say, is there a chance Studio Udon can hire Ataru or at least get him to provide a 12 Doll cover? Wishful thinking on my part!

I dunno how well such a thing would sell when no one besides a select few people on the net who’ve really researched it ever heard of the twelve Dolls…

Thanks for posting the link, she reminds me of Maki :eek:

It could work if he was a backup artist. A number of non hardcore SF fans like the issue 3 all girl cover and don’t know who all the girls are. Besides “You Know You Want It”…

Well, I was talking about the cover, not the backup story. Unless you mean a cover done by a back up artist. In which case, I suppose Udon could spare it given they release four covers per issue, anyways, so one with vague characters wouldn’t be too risky. Although… where would they find a back-up artist that would care to draw the twelve Dolls? Course, I suppose there’s the chance the back-up artist could have love at first site (like me!) and thus be willing to do it.

what number gives the link to the twelve dolls picture?

They are all in the second Link I provided earlier. I’ll provide seperate Links for the 12 for easy identification. Some are up there more than once but I’ll post one each so you can tell them apart. Can’t do it this very minute but I will when I get around to it.

There could always be a one shot explaining the origin of Cammy, Juli, Juni, and the rest of the dolls. :wink: winks towards Mr. Ko :wink: