Very important cammy information for udoneko














Are those pics “official” (as is from Capcom)?

Why, oh why hasn’t Capcom used these designs yet? (Because of memory restrictions, I know…)

At any rate, all of those pics (especially Juni) are beyond unnnnf!

A few of them show up in the intro before you have to fight Juni and Juli together in SFA3. They’re only there for a second before Juli steps out from behind Juni, but they’re there. So technically they are used.

Nah, while the 12 Dolls are Official, those drawings were done by Japanese Fan Artist Ataru. Check my previous Posts on this Thread for a link to all his drawings.

I knew about the other 10 dolls for a while now, what I meant was did a Capcom artist draw those pictures. The Dolls were sorta used in SFA3, but all those are are altered Juli & Juni sprites (who were in turn altered Cammy sprites).

What I meant was that other than Juli & Juni, none of the other Dolls actually do anything.

I swear Satsuki could whoop so much ass, Xianyu too. At least put Nomebelu in so T. Hawk could have some semblance of a storyline and not be a big oafish grappler with a Native American stereotype.

Oh, my bad…

I wonder if the US comic will have T.Hawk looking for Juli instead of Noembulu, if they get even that deep into T.Hawk’s story at all. Even SF Eternal seems to go along with T.Hawk searching for Juli now.

Yeah, either Capcom or Studio Udon should hire Ataru! One can only dream…

wow thanks for the links!!!

Wow those are very good drawings! I really like that picture of Decapre! Someone get the artist a job at Udon :slight_smile:

Random thing I noticed: In the Alpha series we have the 12 Cammy clones. In SF3 we have necro and twelve (they’re clones too). I think the alpha series got a better deal.

There are twelve Necro clones, too (with Twelve of course being the twelfth). They even have the same “12 clones jump onto the screen” battle animation that Juni and Juli together in arcade mode have as a special intro vs Necro. …I think it was more a lazy Capcom just reusing the same idea (with Alpha getting the better deal, of course) than any special connection, though.

intresting tiamatrour i think thats how your names spelt whos your favourite doll agent? mine will always be cammy.

well maybe this doesn’t relate to the topic that much… but just out of my curiosity… which Cammy u think looks the best??

Delta Red (green outfit)

Anti-Robot Special Forces cammy(green outfit slightly darker i belive) last and not the least

Shadowloo (blue outfit the newer version) Cammy

i personnaly like the newer version of cammy, when she is in MvC2… cuz the other version seems some what distorted in her body size :bluu:

I like the current outfit, although I still don’t understand why she doesn’t have a full body suit like Juni and Juli do. However, I do prefer the current outfit in green as opposed to blue.

do you have to ask? cammy is the best doll there is and eventually if the street fighter comic stays close to game continuity cammy will take on all the dolls by herself and come on top cause shes that good.

Actually, I have reason to believe that in game continuity, it was the twelve Dolls (or however many it was that Cammy fought) that beat Cammy. Bison wouldn’t have betrayed them had they never made it back to report to him in the first place (Cammy, meanwhile, for whatever reason, was spared anyways by the Dolls since she shows up in Juli’s ending, anyways)

acctuallly in game continuity and i remember this exzactly it was cammy who beat up both juni and juil but spared there lives because they were unwitting toys for bison. but the endings change with whichever character you beat the game with.

The problem being that the official statement of the twelve Dolls betraying Bison could never have happened had Cammy beaten them. There is only one known fact about what the Dolls did in SFA3 that’s actually been hard stated by Capcom, and that’s it. The only way for it to possibly happen is Juli’s version of the storyline in SFA3 (since the Dolls don’t betray Bison in Cammy’s version. She just beats them and moves on), and there Juli (and company) either beat Cammy or Cammy convinced them to stop fighting but go back to Bison and lie that they killed her, anyways. I’m leaning towards the latter, myself, but either way, there isn’t any way that it’s portrayed in game that doesn’t contradict with the official statement of the twelve Dolls fighting Bison that resulted from Cammy beating Juni and Juli. Granted, a LOT of the in-game portrayal of the canon storyline is insanely unreliable (sigh… crazy Capcom).

Decapre Wallpaper

Happy New Year Peeps,
Had some down time so I drew up this Decapre wallpaper for y’all. Since you were talking about the dolls and all… It’s PG-13 so be careful if you click on the link:
When I get more time I’ll try to bigger and better illustrations. Have a great new year!

you know aswell as i do that all the ending in streetfighter alpha threee contradict each other. but if you play with cammy and she beats up both juni and juli she then later defeats bison removing all the brain washing done to them. but then again that same alpha video game regarded both juni and juli as mere clones of bison when its been stated none of the dolls are. this makes my head spin so lets just say they all decided to beat up bison together and had tee afterwards.

Actually, Juli’s ending doesn’t contradict Cammy’s at all, considering that it’s practically the same exact thing. The storyline in-game before the ending, perhaps, but it’s never shown or stated by the game (or by Capcom) what happened after Juli’s fight with Cammy when you play as Juli, or what happened after Cammy’s fight with Juni and Juli when you play as Cammy for that matter (Cammy doesn’t talk about it with Bison and there’s no after battle dialogue, and there’s no after battle dialogue for when you beat Cammy with Juli either so exactly what happened during the battle is kinda hard to judge, although Juli does report to Bison that she defeated Cammy while Cammy doesn’t mention Juni and Juli at all in her pre-battle dialogue with Bison).

Going by OFFICIAL STATEMENTS, Cammy beating Juni and Juli as portrayed by the game is impossible. If it were just about the game, you’d be right. But it’s not. It’s also taking into account official statement.

However, it’s true that they probably did all try to beat up Bison together (or, another possibility implied by the game is that Bison beat the Dolls then Cammy came in and saved them from him).

Oh, and no where in the game does it EVER say that Juni and Juli are clones of Bison. Only Cammy was ever stated to be a clone by the game, in which case, the game is correct.