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Street Fighter 4 sux, Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is ok, 3rd Strike is the best. Discuss


Mvc3 sux too. Fhd is good. 3s is the best.


Haven’t tried mvc 3 yet how bad is it? Is it like “Oh shit i can’t play this game even stoned” like sf4 or is it “This game is pointless but fun”?


Killer Instinct on the GameBoy > 3S > all other fighting games.


3rd Strike got destroyed in this thread.


sf4 is better than mvc3 imo.

sf4 > SSF4 > MVC3


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Got the game yesterday. First impressions…

The button layout is fucking weird if you’re used to MvC2 layout, so thats a downer. You spend a good time learning the new button layout and finding a team that suits your play style. Theres a pretty good mission mode, much like the SSF4 trial mode, but this one gets pretty damn technical with combos and it demands 100% execution, theres 10 stages for each character and I’m stuck on 6 with my first character, lol. Online mode is lacking hard, if you want to play ranked you cant look up people like in SF4 to pick the best ping, actually it doesn’t show anybodys ping period, you have to wait till you’re in game to see if its going to lag lmao. With that being said the lag isn’t that bad, the net code is easily better than SF4 and you don’t feel all stressed out about losing because the game generally is just a blast to play, 20x more fun than SSF4. Is it pointless because its just so ridiculously crazy? Hmm, no. You will run into scrubs like in sf4 who will mash and pick akuma, but you wont lose if you know what your doing, unlike sf4 lol. Oh and doing random super pays off WAY too much in Mvc3… you cant spam assist against scrubs because you really never know when they’re just going to blow their meter for no damn reason.


The game itself seems fine. It’s a bit rough around the edges like every Capcom game. They cannot seem to get the little things down for the life of them (menus/interface stuff).

It’s fun enough, it doesn’t feel the same as sf4 which is a good thing I think. sf4 has some weird qualities that make it feel really bizarre, mvc3 doesn’t have that same issue despite also being 3d. Not as crisp as mvc2 of course but not horrible. It’s a decent balance between depth and ease of entry I think. It’s just fun really, I could never play it with any real commitment beyond just knowing how to use a few characters at their basic level and understand how to do aerial team combos and shit. If you can do that stuff you can enjoy it and that’s not hard.

Online is a crapshoot.