Very Important >.<

I find myself most annoyed when i land forward grab or ex legs on on the twins but i cant pressure because i dont know any safe jumps i read around before i posted this topic but didnt find much >.< (maybe i didnt look good enough) But if anyone can help i need a safe jump after forward grab and ex legs that does

A. Stuff, make the up kicks wiff, or allow you to block after a jump in.
B. forces yun and yang to block high and respect the wakeup.

any help? i got ideas but nothing bnb worthy just tricks >.<

^ this is me posting btw >.> anyone ever wana play add osiriskidd i no longer play my dave cardell acount, and if you looking for a good akuma who knows chun in and out add this acc the owner is gdlike >.<

Off forward throw you can instantly whiff a, dash twice then do cr.jab that can then lead to whatever pressure you want… You’re safe to the twins wake up Dp’s and other stuff… Other than that I have nothing lol.

Cos each DP they have has different start up frames you can safe jump em like normal but you basically have to guess what strength DP they are going to do and then use an appropriate frame safe jump…

Basically AFAIK you can’t actually legitimately safe jump the twins other than to empty jump like against all DP characters

Really? You can safe jump against the twins EX DP too? News to me.

Err maybe not, I don’t know tbh I don’t jump at the twins cos of the issues I stated above (different frame start ups etc…) Although its 4 frames right? So you could… Although I’ll be honest I don’t actually know if its 4 or 3 frames… I was just trying to say it hard to jump at em and that ground pressure is safer and better and that the set up I’ve mentioned works…

Not trying to spread false information :frowning:

No I wasn’t thinking that at all, but it would be valued information. Over the past few months, I’ve endeavored to incorporate safe jumps more often – but it’s tougher against characters who have fast wakeup attacks, particularly DPs.

Nashfan said he has a universal safejump for all upkicks. He told me the command didnt work so he said hed make a video. i hope he holds to that. as far as safe jumping ex upkicks there are ways but they loose to specific upkicks besides ex, so meh…

forward throw >> f.dash >> j.hp.

safe, sometimes tricky to block because it does cross up sometimes and you land in front and sometimes it looks like it will cross but it wont.


if im not wrong…
yun: off a ex.lightning legs(3 continuous hits, not the one where the last hit is sort of gapped when yun is far away) just hold up-towards and do a jumping attack as late as possible. is a safe jump but if they do the delayed tech stand the attack will whiff.

I do those too. But what about Command Throw I wonder?

Blocked HK Uplegs can be punished by dash and cl.HK xx EX Legs

btw.: Should work on Yang too


I can’t get this to work are you sure it does???

i dont think it works, i have tried that before…
about hp crossing up is because you are taking a step before or after dashing and then jumping, so be carefull with that

sorry whippet, i tested that when the game came out and i thought it worked. like yang’s reversals will wiff or get stuffed…
but i’ll take back what i said since i trust malv’s insight more. I’ll try to test it again later and see what i was doing wrong with the playback. sorry!

edit: i’ll post a video in a bit on how i tested it in training mode. kind of a weird thing or maybe it’s just me but in training, when yang doesn’t do anything ie no block, chun’s j.hp will miss… but when recorded… and yang tries to block… it kind of doesn’t miss…
spoiler: not a true true safejump anymore because of cr.lp mash

that´s because yang every time he wakes up (and you dont do anything, not even blocking) he has 18 invincible frames iirc (yes i know 18 is very stupid).

edit. cant find the source of that info, but its something between 8 or 18, anyways is stupid


14 it is

Well that clears it up =].

Here’s the video i uploaded testinig the safe jump.
I use this when playing against yangs and it seems to be working fine for me. hopefully not just by luck haha.

Take from it whatever… it’s hard for me to explain… but you can basically do the same thing to cammy =]

its not that bad actually, but the 2 problems are when your target combo whiff -> you ended up thrown and forward dash beat this set up.

use instead of the target combo, they offer better options imo (ill be uploading a vid soon)

a few ideas for you to remember when testing/finding set ups, always test every option no matter how dumb they are, wake up throw, wake up jabs, focus, FADCs, forward dash and even neutral jump can beat a set up including holding a direction aside blocking. By far f.throw is the best way to set up safe jumps imo(but i do have to begin to test with hsu knockdowns tbh), try different timings using whiffed normals, dashes or just walking and then jumping. Finally try all the air normals, using a dash for timing and then jumping with target combo maybe isnt working, but using after the dash does and this is specially true due the big differences between the hitboxes of the air normals. The optimal outcome is finding a safe jump that gives you a potential OS imo, but if is not the case the safe jump by itself is more than enough, from there is just about reads and reflexes.

in the other hand, i have ran out of ideas against yun, if you can try something of the above, maybe im missing something :slight_smile:

You’re so right! Didn’t even think of testing the dashes, fa’s and yang’s ex dash. sigh.
Now that i’ve tested it again, seems more like a safejump because it crosses up if not blocked and not cross up if blocked for pressure! What i’ll be doing now is just mixing up the 3 ( after forward throw as part of mix up.

yun’s light up kicks defeats all the safejump methods i’ve tried.

funny didnt see it that way, ill try that.

same here ;_;