Very interesting Tom & Jerry cartoon!


You’ve probably already seen this ep but this one has a twist to it. :rofl:



Madness. Lol at the in and out dubbing.

EDIT- [media=youtube]3LO84r8Qgnw&mode=related&search="[/media]


Tom and Jerry was on some deep shit. :rofl: I still like the eps where he had his nephew and they were in France and his nephew kept calling Jerry “Poosycat”. :lol:


Missing Tom & Jerry right now.


I absolutely hated Jerry’s nephew.


He did have a high cute factor so I fully understand the hate. :lol:


Is you is, or is you ain’t, my baby!?

See what I did there? I went old skool on you fools…


That’s my muthafuckin’ JAM!


i miss tom & jerry…and i dont get boomerang.


Tom & Jerry is very good, I mean anytime you can have an episode in french, and still enjoy it without knowing anything that’s being said, you know you’ve got a well plotted/paced show.


Vol 3 out tomorrow