Very laggy matches


Since a few months, my 3s matches are getting very laggy but I don’t believe it’s because of the connection cause I have a 4.5 mb/s (dl) and 700 mb/s (ul) connection. I often get about a 0.7s (approx) lag which is wayyy too much to be able to play 3s.

What can be wrong? Can it be the xbox itself?

your bandwidth has very little to do with how laggy a game can be. there are many factors.

for one, the further your opponent is from you, the longer it takes for the data to travel. EC to WC connection is generally not recommended.

then you take into consideration of your ISP. you isp may have a lot more “hops” than the average ISP, when sending data. basically what im saying, your isp could be sending the data through a longer route to travel, causing more lag.

are you cable, dsl? what? if its cable, you could be trying to play at peak hours when everyone(who also have the same ISP) in your area is also downloading and such. cable users share bandwidth. its usually not a problem these days.

if its dsl, how far are you from the ISP’s local node? the further you are, the worse it gets. you shouldnt be more than a couple miles away

another problem could be the wiring. do you live in an old building? the wiring in the walls and outside could be old as shit.

then the router and modem, you using generic shitty brands or very good brands? are they setup right? are the cat 5 cables not too incredibly long? as well as the coax cable for the cable modem, if thats what you have? do you have computers on the same network that are active when you play? i.e. torrents, streaming videos, downloads, uploads, extensive web surfing, etc…

is your router wireless? is it secure? if not, someone could be tapping into your connection and stealing bandwidth.

now after all this, you gotta factor all these things on your opponents side. now you can see how messy all this can get.

keep in mind too, 3s netcode on live is not the greatest either.

that pretty much sums it up :lovin:

The thing is, he said it is a recent problem, not a persisting one, and constant.

even so, those can still be factors. for all you know, he coulda bought new modem, router, cables. he coulda moved, etc…

im just covering all angles

yeah, my connection has been sucking dick too, lately

oh yeah. i just remembered one more thing since you guys said “recently.”

if you are playing on xbox1, and you are playing xb360 users, good luck. 360 backwards compatibility is not very good and has slowdown and bugs. and it can cause syncing issues with xbox1 users causing connection issues so the games can stay synced. unfortunately, there is no way to tell if you are playing an xb360 user. and i can assure you, lots of people converted over to 360 foolishly.

i remember when it the BC upgrade came out. i tried 3s online with xbox1 users, HORRIBLE. booted up regular xbox and tried those same people, played so much better in comparison.

Wow, thx for the inputs SaBrE, sry for the late reply. I do understand all the factors described but the funny thing is because it used to be very good before and I haven’t change any setup or peripheral. I even tried connection xbox directly into my dsl modem, it helps a bit but still is very laggy compared to what I was experiencing last year or so. Can there be a problem with the xbox itself?