Very Nice Japanese 3s Tourney Footage

‘02 tourney. Still really, really freaking good. Nice selection of characters, and look out for the insane Twelve and 2 really fuckin’ good Alex players who AREN’T KSK!!

Does anyone happen to know what videos on that godweapon site have good oro matches in them?

I can’t exactly watch them all…

I’m not sure , but if it’s the same tourney i have , the sick Twelve is Namijin (when he used to play 12) …

I download the cooperation cup 2 but I don’t understand Japanese so I don’t know who is who :(, if some one can provide a list of the players and colors it will be great.

is there any way to save these? the connection always cuts out when streaming.

use Download Accelerator

In coop-cup 2 the black Makoto is Ino?

vids unavailable.

cooperation cup 1 > cooperation cup 2.

i wish i still had that in my computer :shake:.


guess who still has it
:tup: this guuuuy talk to me if you want it :tup:

btw majin black makoto is chemeru (sp)

thx ^_^, so he is the same that is in the first coop-cup?
The results for Coop Cup2 …
The names are there ! :pleased:

that’s actually Coop 1.

Coop 2 didn’t have nearly as many good players.

and that’s why Coop 1 > Coop 2 :lol:.


thx man I forgot about that thread


forget what i posted.

i didn’t read through all of it :lol:.


I must get Coop1 …
True , are you serving it at #gamecombos ?

yea its my fserve under 3rd strike/cooperation cup 1 and 2

i got th final of the coop 1

damn guys, we flooded out the godweapon server…