Very Noob Juri - Help with Fuhajin



Hi people, I’m a noob to fighting games really, but I do have a fightstick and I am struggling with Juri’s Fuhajin’s. Now, from what I can tell, you need to hold down the buttons for the Fuhajin till you want to release, and I’ve watched many videos of people storing 3 then started a combo. Now, for me this is impossible, how are they doing this ? I run out of fingers.

So any advice on what I’m doing wrong or just in general would be awesome. Many thanks



Gotta twist your hand around. Eventually you’ll be doing stuff like swapping what finger is holding down the button and focus attacking with a short and roundhouse held down. For example in the rare case I’d ever want to hold all three like they’re stunned and cornered and I have charge time and I wanna combo I’ll just know to hold Lk with my thumb, mk with my index and HK with my ring. Then jump in with mp using middle finger cl,mp with it release HK etc.


Aaaaah OK, for some reason, when I heard about this charging up and keeping, I thought of it more as storage for some reason, That i’d be able to dash off and just press a button and it’d be released but it’s only when i came down to it that thought “hang on this doesn’t work”.

So would you say that it’s basically just a thing of practice and your hands getting used to ? Tbh it’s the thing to me that makes Juri that much more interesting than Ibuki! :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: Just wanted to say TYVM for your response :slight_smile:


Yeah. It just becomes second nature after a while to spider your hands around the buttons. I know when I pay attention I notice I hit lk with my index but store with my thumb so I have access to more buttons easier. Don’t even think about it anymore.


When I used pad (a regular PS3/360 controller), to store all 3 FBs, I’d use my thumb for LK and MK, and my pointer for HK


i never did a 3 fireball combo in a real game not even after stun but you should get yourself used to these combos if you want to use the fireballs. > LK Release > Sweep or LK Pinwheel or cr.MK or cr.MP > LK Release > cr.MK > HK Pinwheel (this one is character specific and doesn’t work on the whole cast)
cr.MK or > LK Release > LK Wheel > FADC > s.LK > s.LP > cr.MP > HK Pinwheel (I use this on characters where the combo above doesn’t work and sweep doesn’t do enough damage to end the round)

and if you want to practise a harder combo try this:
cr.HP > LK wheel > fadc > > LK release > cr.MK > HK Pinwheel (again the post fadc part is character specific)
cr.MK or > LK Release > LK Wheel > FADC > s.LK > s.LP > cr.MP > HK Pinwheel (I use this on characters where the combo above doesn’t work and sweep doesn’t do enough damage to end the round)

generally the only moment where I really have 3 fireballs stored is when I want to zone my opponent otherwise it isn’t too benifical since far.s.HK is a pretty good poke if used properly.
Also I only use a 2 Fireball corner combo if I stun my opponent and want to style on him.

cr.HP > MK Release > cr.MK > LK release > cr.MK > Pinwheel FADC > s.LP > cr.HP > Pinwheel FADC > s.LK > s.LP > cr.MK > HK Pinwheel.

As I said this one is a waste of meter since it includes 2 FADC’s but thats the furthest I have gone. 3 fireballs is just too fingercramping during combos and the HK fireball does actually whiff on smaller characters so it’s not really reliable.

Most people use their thumb to hold the LK button but I like to use my ring-(LK) middle-(MK) and- ringfinger(HK) for the fireballs.

tl;dr 3 Fireball combos are useless


For arcade stick i believe there are two configurations which are common amongst juri players.

First off: Index (pointer) on short (light kick), Middle on forward (medium kick) and Ring finger on round house (heavy kick).

The other configuration which allows for more flexibility and ability to press punches.

Index (pointer) on short (light kick), Ring finger on forward (medium kick) and Pinky on round house (heavy kick) which allows for the Middle finger to be free to press the punches. This also allows for you to use focus attack or FADC more comfortably.

Personally I just use the first.


I would recommend using your thumb for LK all the time, it gives you more flexibility for the rest of your buttons. It also seems to me that it would be a lot harder to do a focus attack while holding an LK fireball if you used your index finger for LK. Maybe my hands are just weird…


I use thumb for lk, middle for mk, and ring for hk, that way u can use index for mp so u still have viable AA and don’t have to stretch the fingers or anything too awkward, u can always switch index and middle finger depending on how it feels