Very noob questions, help plz


'm new to fighter games genre ,and i just bought BBCS and its awesome but quite difficult after reading alot of threads here i just have some questions

  • how is BBCS fight stick(limited edition )?

  • i see people here saying “enter 684d ,to achieve …” or "I just do 966"whats mean by numbers

  • do u think BBCS is a good choice for a noob to get in fighter genre ?

  • is it true that u cant play another genres of games like FPS,action due to getting rusty in fighter games,what i mean how u manage to play other games with completely different controller and switch between STICK and controller

-do fighter games connection based on P2P or dedicated servers!

sorry for my bad English as its not my native

thanks in advance


The numbers used are you directional inputs. Follow them as you would the numbers on a keypad of telephone. 684d will be Half Circle Back and the button D. 896 is QCF (fireball motion). Example below.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9


BBCS is a really complex game, as is SF4. Any fighting game is going to be easy at base level. But once you start playing serious the difficulty starts to increase.


I don’t play BlazBlue, but why are the numbers upside down compared to all other fighting games?


Cause Ashura typed it in wrong.

the numbers refer to an 8 directional movement system based off of the numpad on your keyboard


so 236 is a quarter circle forward(qcf) :qcf:

from what I’ve heard the BBCS fight stick is the same as any of the other fightsticks Madcatz produces.

BBCS isn’t exactly a simple game for someone new to the genre, however the tutorials are very in depth .So you shouldn’t have too much trouble to get into it.

I’ve never heard of playing another genre interfering with a fighting game. So long as you spend some time practicing there shouldn’t be any problems playing different genres.

As for controller/stick for the fighting game itself pick one and go with that. Pad/Stick is player preference but since your new I will strongly recommend learning Stick first for the fighters. Stick is typically harder to get used to, by starting with the stick you’ll get used to it faster than someone like me who plays Pad primarily. Also since your concerned about cross genres learning stick for fighters and using pad for other stuff you’ll never have to worry about one interfering with the other.

As for Fighting game multiplayer it’s always been P2P


the bb stick is fine

the number notation is what they use over at dustloop (the big page for gg:xx and blazeblu)for directions, but most people hate it here

bb is fine for your first game if you are trying to get good at bb


The only time when someone says that “I’ve been playing Black Ops last week so that made me bad at fighters” is if they’re super scrubby and were bad to begin with. I mean sure if you don’t play for half a year or something you’ll get rusty but by all means play other games if you enjoy them.


the BB TE works well.



those are the number notion. 2 is d, 3 is d/f, 6 is f, 5 is neutral and so on. a lot of fighting games use this instead notion. you can play other games, it’s not like you won’t remember how to use a stick.