VERY odd situation--heavy punch just doesnt work on my SE stick!

Okay, this is an edit of my original post after some more testing. I don’t know why the results are different now, but I will go with it.

The RB button on my SE stick is not working, no matter what buttons I assign to it. However, if I press the button, then unplug and replug the stick into my 360, then it magically does the command once, and subsequently does not do the command ever again.

What gives?

Open up the stick and check to see that all the wires are snug on the buttons and distribution block.

There is a thread dedicated to this y’know…

Okay, sorry for making this thread, but I have decided to just try swapping buttons with one of the extra ones (one of the black ones).

So I opened up my stick, and I notice that the quick disconnects are very easy to take off…on ALL of the buttons EXCEPT the RB button that is broken. I have tried using all of my strength and rubber gloves, but to no avail. I feel like they are glued on or something.

I will try pliers later I guess, but what gives?

This happened to me on one of my QD’s on the original buttons.

I ended up breaking the button. It didnt matter at the time because I was swapping them for Seimitsus. If you don’t have replacement buttons on the way, you might be hosed.

Be very, VERY careful.

When I swapped out the buttons on my SE stick there was one button that I couldn’t get disconnected either. The button’s tab would wiggle in the disconnect, but it wouldn’t come off. Finally I grabbed the disconnect with a pair of pliers and pulled REALLY hard, and the interior of the button ripped out. I grabbed the interior of the button and pulled again, and finally the disconnect came off. I was swapping out the button for a Sanwa so I didn’t care that it was broken. If you care, I suggest you brace against the middle of the button before you start pulling with the pliers.

Can’t you just pop it off with a flathead screw driver? You’re gonna fuck it up pulling on it with pliers.

PHEW!!! Finally got the QDs off. I had to take the button out, stick a thin flathead between the disconnect and the bottom of the button, and wiggle slowly until it came out.

After much testing, I found the problem. No matter what, the controller is detecting that the RB button is being held in. Even if I completely take out all disconnects for the button. That is why the button does not work, and that is why it works once after I unplug and replug the controller in.

For now, I rewired the RB button to the LB wires, and then programmed LB to be hard punch. Thus, I can play again. Though I cannot use the RB button in the menus, which stinks. I also can’t post any messages on XBL…

I really don’t know why this is happening. If anyone has any info on it, please let me know.

exactly i don’t see where logic ends up at pliers.

Mad Catz makes shitty components. Swap out your stick and buttons with Sanwas.

^^The problem is that the buttons are NOT the problem. Even if there is no button plugged in at all, it registers that the RB button is being held down continuously. Thus, I had to take it out of the equation all together.

Is this a wiring problem, or just some random thing I am going to have to now live with?

Can someone please help me? I opened the controller up, disconnected all of quick disconnects, and the RB button is STILL registering as if is being constantly held down. I really don’t know what to do next…I don’t even know how to approach the situation.

Is there anyone out there who would know? PLEASE, this is driving me INSANE :crybaby:

the rb is connected to the ground somehow, can you post pictures of the pcb?

Hey dvon, thanks for taking an interest, lol. I am going to post a pic later (when I get my hands on a camera) of the PCB in this topic:

On my SE stick, if the RB button is being detected as being held down continuously…

Again, sorry for making so many topics. If I could delete this one, I would.