Very random KOF pic request

Does anyone have the following KOF pics?..

From kof 99 theres a pic of a pic looking over K’ and hes shooting fire out of his glove in a circular motion. Not sure how to explain any better…

kof 00 theres a pic of kula looking upward at K’ and K’ is looking down on her with his glasses tilted up and giving a smirk. Its basicly just a pic of there faces(or its there upper torsos and higher)

And finaly from 2k1 theres a pic of Kyo with his shirt off and a towel around his neck.

Anyway i dont want these for a avater or anything, i just umm want the pics themselves as I havnt been able to find them… anyway if you have them or no where i can find them etc… thanks

2001 Kyo

And umm I can’t seem to find the rest at the moment.

Thanks, anyone else got the others onessodjaspoigjspadiogjpsaPOJHspighapihgpsidfhgapsirhgaip!!PIH~P~IH!PI~

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who the hell are you? anyway thanks for the bump though.


Is this what you’re after?
I haven’t seen the K’ & Kula pic yet but if I find something that looks like your description I’ll link it.

awsome yea that was the K’ i was talking about… thanks

No problem. If you could give me more details on the Kula pic I could find it. I’ve searched all the 2000 stuff and I haven’t seen one with the two together, especially her looking up at him.

hrmm not sure, Kula was on the left, and K’ was on the right lol. I remember that umm… man I dunno, I think it was the cover for one versions of the game, maybe the dc version or something when i saw it? I forget =[.

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