Very Simple Anti Phoenix Technology (setups)!

Some setups with my team.


Hit the lab and tell me what you think!

Looks like only She-Hulk teams can get this done…

The only thing about these setups is that they require She Hulk starting for a lot of them and She Hulk is first on most teams for obvious reasons. Against a Phoenix team though I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have She Hulk later in the order since they’re only going to have one strong assist any way. Ryry is putting Spider Man in the back now against Phoenix teams so it can’t hurt.

Hmm… This vid gave me the idea of trying invuln. startup hypers to get at Dark Phoenix while she transforms… this also gave me another idea, to THC just after killing her for some chip before they activate X-Factor lv. 3 and start cr.LLLLLLLLLLLLLL’ ing me, LOL.

It wouldn’t work… the moment Phoenix says “DARK PHOENIX RISES!!!” she can teleport away… you must kill her before that happens for the setup to be consider effective.

EDIT: Ok, the Taskmaster DHC to She Hulk ones do seem to work, so Nerdjosh and Combofiend might be happy to see this video.

Her teleport is not invincible, and has 10 frames of start up. So if you can land any untechable grab in that window, you’re golden.

Great post. Would Like again.

Activating x-factor will pause the frames of the game while the audio still plays through. So even tho Phoenix completes the phrase “dark phoenix rises,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that she had enough frames to tele. The x-factor setups work just as well as the DHC ones. And they work without tight timing, to a certain degree. The hardest part of utilizing the setup is killing DP in an OTG or something similar. Which is why I showed several common starters IE. two :d::l: into air combo, :d::h: into air combo, etc. and several finishers such as butt smash, rush to slide, etc. etc.

Good shit mang.