Very Simple Question Regarding Controller

I have an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. The Directional Pad sucks, and it’s unpleasant having to use the triggers for high-kicks. Would it be worth ~25 dollars to order a Sega Saturn Controller and an adapter?

Or should I go all the way and buy a custom-made stick? I have a lot of cash, but I’ve only just started playing Street Fighter 2 days ago and I feel like I’d have limited use of a stick considering their bulky nature.

EDIT: I plan to use this on MAME for the PC.

From what I understand you cannot use that converter with the Xbox 360. If you really want to play on the 360 with something other than the stock controller look for a custom or modded DOA stick designed for that system.

That adapter wont work for x360. As of right now theres only ONE adapter than works with 360 and its a ps2/keyboard/mouse to X360 adapter which costs $80 and you also need to plug a wired x360 controller it it to work. Unless you want to worder a custom stick or buy a DOA4 or VF5 stick, your SOL.

Woops, my bad. I forgot to say - I was planning on using this for my PC on Mame.

Nothing compares to a good custom stick imho. With sanwa/seimitsu parts they don’t have to be that bulky, my most recent one is 55 x 195 x 295 mm but could have been even smaller! I know of people that can hack 360 controllers and I know that I can do PS3 (which also work on PC, not sure about the mame part though), or you could just get a PS3 pad because the Dpad is more prominent.
So yeah I’d go for a custom stick, but its up to you :smile:

Nothing compares to a good custom stick. It just is not the same. That being said, the Saturn pads are really quite nice to play on. I have nothing but fond memories of my Saturn, which I bought largely due to SFA2 back when.

I have the exact same saturn controller and the 3 in 1 converter you mentioned. It works quite nice for mame , but the response time on it is not flawless compared to native usb controllers. I’d guess the lag is about 1 frame with no dropped inputs or anything…which still makes it a top tier converter and most people don’t even notice any lag.
Still I’m going to mod some saturn pads to native usb to get it perfect.