Very sorry! Really stupid question! :(

I am an avid, Marvel VS. Capcom 2 fan. I’ve been playing on my PS2 controller for YEARS. In the span of the past hour, I found this site and all the cool controller mods. I’m going to build my own very soon. I ordered a HRAP3 too.

My question: I’m trying to access and I keep getting a login/password window? How can I read more about the Evo tournaments, purchase DVDs, etc? Sorry for this noob question, but I want to login to their site and buy DVDs instead of watching clips on youtube.


there’s supposed to be an announcement today (2/29) there so the login thing probably has to do with something they did to the site in preparation for the announcement I’m assuming.

hmm. youve got a long way to go. try and look up match vids, sometimes theyre better than the ones on the evo DVDs. theres a forum for modding and building your own stick. and… uh… welcome.

You do realize that the HRAP3 only works for PS3 and PC right? It is not compatible with PS2, unless you are playing the PS2 version of Marvel on the PS3. Actually why are you playing the PS2 version of Marvel to begin with? :confused:

I’m phenomenal at MvsC2…using the PS2/PS3 default controller. However! …Watching some of the vids on youtube of peeps with their custom controllers is jaw-dropping and inspiring. :slight_smile:

Blooper, what do you mean a long way to go? Name some things that you think I should accomplish as a newbie here please. :slight_smile:


Not everyone is blessed with a Dreamcast like you, I and the rest of SRK that plays marvel.

Dude, don’t say that shit. You’re not a phenom. The last sucker claimed he was a “Beast” and srk ripped his dick open with a corkscrew.

You’re probably “Slightly Above Average” at best. Oh ya, and the a bunch of the combos you see in videos can’t be done in your version of the game.

The HRAP3 works on PS2 games on PS3 with version 1.8+ firmware.

What’s wrong with the PS2 version? I know the Dreamcast’s underlying hardware most closely resembles the ARCADE…but why does this matter exactly? Please fill me in. :slight_smile:


Sad but true, oh and on a side note I used to have been blessed with a Naomi long ago, but I ended up selling it.

OK! …You’re right. I will be more modest. Which version do you recommend that I play and why? DC? Xbox? PS2?

Why is this in GD? Why is this thread even here?
Marvel related question would go in the MvC2 sub forum, and evo questions in Evo board… Can’t people fucking read these days? (I saved you the speech Sep.)

This fool’s a phenom! Straight up!
/hate hate hate

Sorry about the posting confusion. I asked an Evo question and gave some info about MvsC2. Someone else quipped about Marvel on PS2 and I think we all derailed my thread. I will post my follow-up questions about Marvel in the other sub-forum. Thanks :slight_smile:

And HRAPs goes into Tech Talk.


Dude he is a phenom :confused:

:lame: Can I retract my previous statement? I just think I’m good but I love Marvel too much to ever stop playing and learning more combos :slight_smile:

First off, welcome.

Second off, this is the “General Discussion” forum for mostly off-topic discussion. If you truly wish to discuss actual game information, please see the “Fighting Game Discussion” which might direct you to the individual game forum section ( for MvC2).

As far as consoles, for MvC2 the only accepted tournament used versions of the game are on Dreamcast. Other games are considered best on other consoles, but considering for MvC2 the Dreamcast IS the arcade hardware (NAOMI board) it runs pretty much 100% the same as the arcade does. PS2 feels watered down, especially the sound, and I believe has some slowdown issues.

If you truly wish to compete, you’ll probably only find comp willing to play in the DC. If you’re just casual, stick with what you have. You must remember, some of these people have been playing MvC2 for like 10 years or something ridiculous like that.

Also, this is yet another thing I dislike about this community: You’ll hear people complaining about how it is shrinking and we get no new blood, but someone new shows up expressing interest and you guys jump up his ass and rag on him. I realize a lot of people think they’re top fucking ‘dawg’ in their game of choice because they beat all their friends/the CPU and they honestly have no idea how to play the game on a higher level, but at least give them a chance. If they’re willing to travel to tournaments and at least try and improve their skills through practice and application then I say welcome them.

People will stop referring to themselves as “beasts” etc if they get whomped a few times by someone who is considered “not so great” in their game of choice.

I remember there were some guys from my hometown who decided to have a CvS2 tournament and posted on SRK, so myself and some of the guys from Richmond came up. They asked us about tournament settings and were dismayed to see that we didn’t allow EX grooves and didn’t allow Shin Akuma/God Rugal/other banned characters. The way I see it is these people will either realize that playing competatively doesn’t interest them or they’ll get totally hyped up and learning and advancing and will actually get pretty decent. This group did the former, and we never heard from them again.

Wow! Well put! …I am definitely COMPETITIVE. Me and my cousin play very competitively. We play “First to 10 victories” 2-3 times a week. On some days, he’ll beat me barely 10-9. My best record on him was 10-2. We also keep really strange records between ourselves like “fasted victory” (using our regular teams of course, no 3 Hulk’s vs. 3 servbots). Or, my favorite, we’ll try to beat our opponent with just one characte, (i.e. no swapping or group Supers, but assists are OK).

Well with Marvel the tiers are pretty much set, matchups are known, and only a small portion of the characters can compete in a tournament setting. It sucks to play a game so freeform as MvC2 and end up being stuck playing the same characters as every one else, but unfortunately due to the way the game plays if you want to actually be competitive and have a chance at winning you’re probably going to have to.

Head to the MvC2 forums and read up.

Get a stick, get good, get hype, and bring it. MvC2 money matches are big, and get a lot of hype (looking at the big one a couple Evos ago that was like a 5k money match).

Just don’t get discouraged if you go to a tourney and get beasted. Marvel is a game that is definitely not scrub friendly, and you’ll get killed faster than a premature indian baby on train tracks if you go to a tournament without knowing a lot about higher level play.

Once you play your first tournament you’ll probably think “Wow I’m not very good at this game” and then either feel the hype of give up. For me, I felt the hype and decided I wanted to be able to compete with the best.

It’s cool if you have confidence in your abilities, I just hope when you step into the competitive scene that you end up sticking around and get better.