Very strange audio problem

I recently purchased this game and have been enjoying it quite a bit. However, I have a strange audio issue.

Most of the audio in the game is perfectly audible. However, voices in cutscenes are SUPER QUIET. I’ve tried adjusting the volume levels in the options page to no avail. There is sound, but it’s just so quiet that I have to turn up my speakers all the way to hear them, at which point the rest of the sound in the game is painfully loud, as is any other beep or blip emitted by my pc.

Sounds to me like you’ve got an audio setting on surround sound (either through your driver’s settings, or the game’s), and you dont have a center channel speaker.

What kind of speaker set up are you using?

i have some creative labs x-fi card that came with my comp and logitech z5500 5.1 surround speakers.

It’s weird 'cause all the game sounds and everything work great. It is just the talking in cinematics that are muted :-/

which game are you talking about. it might have a update patch for the problem.

also you could go into you sound mixer and set the rate to something around 44000 (dvd quality)