Very weird sound glitch on the player select screen


I’ve witnessed this while playing at my house, and my friends…with BOTH copies of our games.

First player, when they move their cursor to select a character it doesn’t make any noise.

Now this is weird cause if I’m searching online for a match and I’m second player it makes noise, and when I’m hosting a match and the other person moves there cursor it makes the noise.

This also goes with selecting the character. Now I know this isn’t that big of a deal but was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this as well?


If no one else can relate can you drop in and say something? that way I know it has something to do with my copy, and what not…thanks.


Slightly pointless post really as long as your game works whats it matter if you dont get the cursor noise. Just for the record i dont have that problem both player 1 and 2 makes the noise maybe the left speaker on both the tv’s aint working XD.


its probably one of your av cables not plugged in all the way


I’ve noticed this occasionally as well, on PC. It doesn’t happen every time, and it doesn’t seem to matter if i’m p1 or p2. But yes, occasionally the little noise doesn’t happen.

I’m definitely in the “who cares” camp.


Or your maybe deaf in one ear??


this might be it…let’s find out!



cool story bro.


WTF…it better not be your AV cable. If it is you should just be banned straight up. :lol:


annoying announcer, terrible english voices, shitty theme song, and now this!!! damn they fukd up the audio in this game lol


haaa…haha…hahaha. That ALMOST makes the thread worth it, haha…


Same thing happens to me. I believe it only happens when playing in two player Vs. mode. I didn’t really think much about it.


Samething happens to me, Online i can hear the ding of them choosing but not me, nor when i choose cooler :(. Makes the game feel weird, anyone have a fix to this?


Check it’s not your tv or amplifier. My Pioneer amp randomly cuts the left or right channel at times (knew I shouldn’t have opted for such a cheap model)


It is your sound setup…

The first player character selections sounds output to the left

and the second player character selection sounds output on the right.


It’s called stereo, you playing on a monaural television? lolz


It’s your AV cable. It happened to me before


It might be, thanks guys. Will check tommorow. Guess it’s the crummy VGA cable they gave me :.