Veteran Noob + Tron



Hey guys, I’m a long time player of fighting games; mostly SF and Tekken. I’ve played a lot of MvC2, all Tekken, all Soul Caliber, and MvC3 since its release. My interest in the Street Fighter series has recently returned with Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. My main games are now UMvC3 and SSF4AE. As much as I play them, however, I don’t feel as if I’ve improved much through the years. I generally play offline single player, as there aren’t any arcades in my area that have the games I play, and online seems to be a lag fest where Hulk lag tactics seem to prevail.

Most of my game has been focused on beating the CPU. I can beat the hard difficulty without losing with my fav. team but very hard whoops my ass around fight 4. I suppose that might give you an idea of my skill level.

That being said, I’ve been trying to get into more advanced game play, where I can become “competitive” even if that is only for online play. I don’t quite expect to start playing in tournaments but who knows. Of course I came to to learn my shit. Man, some of you guys are ridiculous players. The videos I see out there are insane; some of ya’ll would totally wreck me.

Anyways, for the MvC series I’ve always played Tron. Her quirky attitude and unique fighting style caught me from the beginning (Dreamcast MvC2 player woot) and I’ve been playing since. In MvC3 I made a mecha team of Tron, Sentinel, and Zero. I never played Sent in MvC2 but I’ve become pretty decent with him. I hear that Zero is crazy but I’m improving the least with him. Still fun character to play, though.

My main question is: does Tron/Sent/Zero sound like a good team? What would be some pros/cons for them? Perhaps some good setups for them? Any help/advice is appreciated.

I’m still learning the fighting game lingo (cross over, rush down, etc) but don’t hold back.

I look forward to learning more with you guys.

My apologies if this is the wrong spot for this thread.

Extra: I play on a Hori HRAP3 V3-SA. What do you guys think of this stick? The buttons and stick seem to be wicked responsive and as a bonus I can use it for my PS3 (UMvC3) and PC (SSF4AE). Just curious to how well it performs compared to other sticks.


Hi Mike, welcome to the boards.

Considering you’re a beginner, I want to say right off the bat that playing Tron might be a little difficult as a lot of her moves have weird knockback and are difficult to combo in Ultimate. However, don’t let that discourage you – I played Tron since Day 1 vanilla so it’s definitely doable. Anyway, this post may have been better suited for a ‘team building’ thread but I don’t think anyone has updated that in a while…

As for your team – Tron/Sent/Zero, I see a few things that could use fixing. I would try to put Zero first so he can use Sentinel’s drones for mixups (maybe to a lesser degree, Tron’s fire, but probably not) and build meter for Tron and Sentinel. If Zero dies, Tron and Sentinel have good synergy and can do some damage/build meter as well. The thing about both Tron and Zero on the same team is they’re both ‘point’ characters (more or less, due to the nerf to Tron’s best assist) so it might be weird running that team. Anyway, keep Sentinel in the back because you’ll be using his assist often (not haphazardly, though) and he’s really good in level 3 Xfactor.

I would look into this little guide too:

hope that helps, good luck!


But what about Tron’s Bandit Boulder assist? I heard that it’s somewhat decent. Anyway, the order of your team should be Zero, Tron, and Sentinel in that order. And hopefully if they give the invincibility back to Tron’s Gustaff Fire, this team can become a pretty effective team.
P.S. Can someone recommend me a good Tron BnB combo for UMVC3? Considering her unnecessary nerfs in this game, I’m not exactly sure how many of the combos in the other threads actually work.


I can give a basic one off a jH (I mean REALLY basic; assisted combos are how she’ll get 700k+ damage while building meter):

jH, (j)RDP-M, sM (3 hits), fM, jMMH, sM (3 hits), fM, jH, jS, (wait until peak height of groundbounce) sH, SRK-XX (Mash), sH, (delay) RDP-H (Mash)

>The first drill has to be done on the ground on shorter characters (Wolverine, Amaterasu etc)
>I use sH instead of Beacon Bomb because it builds more meter in the end, as Beacon Bomb into sH will cause King Servbot to whiff; feel free to use Beacon Bomb into hyper instead though.

Should build it’s bar and do like 630k damage IIRC… :frowning: