Veteran War Stories: What does Captain America mean to you?



Well as I scanned other forums, I’ve noticed that each one has a thread like this. A thread to just really think about why you use this character and the reasons you like him. I’ll post my whole reason for using him later, but I feel like whenever I use him, I have soo much fun lol. With other characters I have a good time but with cap its just sooo fun. So yeah I think it would be cool if we had a thread that we can talk about why we play him, and how we started. Also feel free to use this thread to share funny/ cool moments you’ve had with Cap lol. Enjoy!


because while i may not be thrilled about every single aspect of this country i’m proud to be an american


Captain america was my favorite character in Marvel Super Heroes. I loved how when he got the power gem you could purposefully lose your shield and then do a kick ass shoryuken with shadows for an awesome combo. He didn’t have charging star back then, but you still had final justice and it was still awesome. He had a great standing fierce attack that would initiate a flying screen and give you some breathing room. His old crouching roundhouse caused an untechable knockdown and you could combo into light shield slash. I was pretty trash at the game, so I’m glad I get to play him alot better now. But it makes me sad they took away alot of his juice. Charging star is worlds better than it was, and I guess it’s an improvement that he can’t lose his shield, but he lost alot of his cool stuff. Here’s hoping he gets some of it back.


Truer words have never been spoken. Never mind that I’m Canadian.


Cap is one of my favorite characters in comics. To me Captain America represents the spirit of what this country should be. He sticks up for the little guy and treats everyone fairly. When I pick the character I feel that I have a responsibility to play him to his best and to never give up. That mentality is what I strive for in life so I can easily relate.

This guy is freakin badass lol. Hes looked up to by alot of the Marvel heroes. Funny how people think hes just an ordinary soldier in a flag. But hes so much more than that.
^Badass indeed.

Cap can be one of the best characters in the game with a few tweaks. Just getting that OTG Light Shield makes things so much better. But I think what the real game changer for him is increasing the effectiveness of some of his normals. Or giving him back that crazy S.FP. Make it Forward + H or something.


Simply put… I was in the Army and I identify with Cap.


you think this letter on my head stands for france?

(i’m canadian)


Because I win with Cap more than any other character in the game with the exception of Wolverine and Zero.


agreed. im in the military as well and with the assination of osama theres no better time to use him


his shield is unique to this game. Super fun to use, very interesting juggle combos, he can bring you up with his shield, only to smash you down later. I also love his c.light 4f startup and his cartwheel.


I play Cap mostly because when I first started playing Marvel 2 wayyy back when, the team I used was Captain America, Wolverine, and Ryu.

I was super excited about Haggar being in the game so I just did a 1-man swap, especially since Wolverine is used by everyone now. I enjoy playing characters that you don’t normally face, and Cap is definitely one of them. I’m always shocked when I play someone and they pick Captain America too.


A little background on myself: I’m from a military family, and proud to be an American. I’ve been a patriot for as long as I can remember, and would love to serve in our military. Unfortunately… My past won’t let me. A lot of my memories I have no remembrance of because of a sever event that happened when I was 19. Thankfully, the patriotism wasn’t forgotten.

When I started playing Marvel 3, I saw Captain America and immediately knew I wanted to be good with America, despite nothing. My first team was America, Spencer, and Akuma. But enough about that… After playing him for a few weeks, a lot of memories started to flood into my head. I suddenly remembered a childhood memory of my friend and I playing Captain America and The Avengers on the NES. We would play that for… as long as I was still friends with him (and when we could rent it from Blockbuster or whatever the game renting company was back then). I had many comics of both Captain America (can’t find them anymore) and Superman (irrelevant). I remember after playing Captain America and The Avengers, I went outside and threw a frisbee thinking it would come back. It ended up on our neighbor’s roof, and I never saw it again :frowning:

Regardless, Captain America has always been a childhood hero, both during the time when I could remember, and during the times when I couldn’t. The game actually helped me to remember some of my childhood.

tl;dr: I’m a patriot, and Captain America has been a childhood hero.


To me, he is everything a true man should be.

And I easilly main him in MvC3. :smiley:


This country has lost a lot of things over the years. Some honor, some equality, some freedom. But what I think we’ve never lost is people trying to make it better. We’ve never lost the firefighters, policemen, teachers, and local politicians who do hard work for crap pay to try and make everyone’s lives a little better. We’ve never lost the activists who have enough pride in their country to expose when they think it is doing wrong, or being unjust, and know that the republic will live another day despite it. We’ve never lost the people who know they have enough, and give back to their communities, even if all that combined still isn’t enough to help us live up to the nation we want to be, someday. We’ve never lost the people who come here because they *know *they can build a better life here. We will never lose Lincoln, or Teddy, or FDR.

I hope someday I can be a fraction of what some of these people are. Lord knows I’m working towards it.

Captain America is all of them. He is the ideals, the heart, the conscience, and, most importantly of all the pride of this nation. He is not the echo-chamber for the loudest knowitall, he’s the voice of the people who can’t speak for themselves. He is their defender. That’s why he has a shield, not a sword, or mystical powers, or a god-damned gun, he has a shield, and nothing else but courage and determination.

I can’t be Lincoln, Teddy, FDR, or any of the other everyday heroes who makes our lives liveable, but anyone can be Captain America, so long as they have that courage and determination.

That’s why in everyday life, when I don’t know what to do, I ask “What would Steve Rogers do?”

That’s why I play Captain America.


Captain America is just a shining example of an awesome nice guy and the type of man men everywhere should strive to be. A true blue hero…plus i so totally love his taunts in UMVC3 and how he salute. so gawdlike…


If you ever get to run it back against an online post-match taunter, taunt at the end and tell them to "SHOW SOME RESPECT!"


i know right. its sooo good. do it against my friends in offline play alot.


It’s funny how Captain America became my favourite Marvel Vs Capcom 3 character => my favourite superhero.

My friend, intuitive2011, used to use Cap when we first started playing (and I hated Cap then, but only because he used him lol). I started to diversify the characters I used later, then I saw this video, specifically when 0:34 happens


What done it for me was the commentators shouting “Aye, Aye, Aye, AYE, Aye…” duringthe infinite (I think Spooky was one of them, not sure but if so, he, or whoever it was, is my new favourite commentator lol).

From then I discovered that I could relaunch of a light charging star, but as I couldn’t land it consistently, I got frustrated, and dropped him.

However, I played a 1st Lord online during a player match (I was 7th) called LaFunkhh. He used Captain America, amongst other characters, but boy did he blow me away… no homo, lol. I had never seen Cap move so fast, or know he had those combos, many of which I still use to this day in Ultimate.

I picked him back up, and started to search the internet for more combos, and for inspiration to create my own. Which brings me to another reason I use Captain America, Ken123103. I believe the charging star relaunch was some of his technology. And when he showed the other Shield Slash loop, it was a wrap (though I like how he kept these particular combos to himself until Vanilla was over lol). Not only was he my favourite character, I though he was one of the best characters in the game. So thank you Ken :slight_smile:

My love for Cap remains in Ultimate, he’s always been a stable in any of my teams. But I prefer the Vanilla Captain America. The only buff I appreciate is his double jump, which many have said that not only did he previously have, but should have had anyway. I actually don’t care for the OTG SS. I feel like he was made a weaker (Ken’s video I hyperlinked shows an example of the damage/combo potential he had previously), and less fun character, in Ultimate… I WANT JUST MY OLD SHIELD SLASH LOOP BACK! Lol.

Nah, I still love the guy, heck I watch the Avengers cartoon just because of him and I’m a grown man! lol :smiley:


I played a bunch of Cap in MvC2 because his jab linked air combos felt so good. Then I read the Marvel Civil War series and that pretty much locked in Steve as my favorite Marvel hero. Then Marvel 3 came out, and he was actually viable compared to MvC2. Then Ultimate came out and he was even better. Never looked back. Plus, whenever someone his playing an orb mashing Strider ill tag cap in just to hear:
“All skill, no heart, and no victory”


“Charging Sta-HYPER . . . CHARGING . . . STAARRRR!!!”

Also yeah, I just decided to go dramatic, but gameplay wise, I’m going to quote myself in the “Best Player for Each Character” thread.

In addition to all that:

  1. Easiest character to play well. Not a lot of tech skill required, only if you really feel the need to improve his . . .
  2. . . . easy as shit high-damage combos. Starting from 5L or 2L he can still manage more than 700K without assist from a standard relaunch BNB. Add on the Doom missiles continuation (and let’s face it, we all need to be playing Doom), and that easilly becomes 800K- a milli. 2 meters. Only Zero can manage more for less, and he’s not nearly as easy.
  3. Under-rated assist: Captain America-A. If you have a point character with a cross-up heavy gameplan, this one’s great because it really only adds meter and damage, it doesn’t scale back damage like a typical projectile assist.

There’s others, but I don’t have the time right now.