Vewlix art for HRAP1


Can anyone tell me where to find vewlix art for my HRAP1 , id like a 6 button layout with the 2 buttons on the right blanked off (R1 + R2)

Hopefully in a few weeks arthong will have plexis for HRAP1’s and im looking to place the art underneath

I think they also do i a black vewlix panel which also interests me, any help would be great Thanks

Vewlix 6 Left with Select/Start

Vewlix 6 Left with NO Select/Start

ah, not to hijack your thread, but is there a good viewlix layout made for the sf4 TE stick?

yeah… over here:

MIVLives , thanks so much , im thinking of changing the red to black :tup: just gotta try and work photoshop now :rofl:

hi again :lol: well i looked at photoshop and tbh i aint got a F***ing clue how to use it :sad:

i know this is a bit of a cheek and probably not the place to ask but could someone help me out modifing the

Vewlix 6 Left with Select/Start image

i want to keep it the same but with the below colour scheme but maybe keep the white parts on the original image white ?

if someone could help me out id really appricate it

trevor, if you print this vewlix image in grayscale it should come out the way you want.

ah cool ok ill try :slight_smile:

came out looking like this , ill try it out :tup:


MIVLives , sorry to keep bothering you but would you also have the splatter capcom panel art too , like this