Vewlix artwork


Hi, I’m just wondering whether someone knows where I can download the standard 2 player control panel, moves & marquee artwork from in PSD file format? Doesn’t really matter what colour it is as I can change it.

After a bit of searching on this site, I came across Kray’s ‘KUSTOM_KRAY_LAYOUT_v3_2player_V2.psd’ file, but unfortunately all the links are dead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


@d3v @hibachifinal, any of you two happen to have this?


Thought I might add that I’ll be building an Arcadeworx 32" 2P clone, I assume the sizing is pretty much the same?


You’ll need to provide the exact template for that cabinet as it is likely not the same as the Kraylix.


Has Troy finally figured out how to do the CAD to PSD conversion? When I purchased mine all those years ago, every attempt he made to convert it to a psd wasn’t to the correct alignment… I eventually gave up - still don’t have artwork on my Arcadeworx 24" :frowning: