Vewlix Black/Grey Panel Artwork

Hello, I am looking for a Black/Grey Vewlix Control Panel Artwork file which I can use for my Arcade Board. 6 Buttons or 8 Buttons, prefer 8.

All the Links here in the forum are dead. I just found the Red/White Vewlix Panel Artwork, I like it very much but want it in Black.

Can anyone help me out?

Thank You

I second this post! I would love a vector of the Vewlix Diamond logo for a custom blue / white theme I am working on. I searched high and low and like the OP, all the links I found were dead. Copying the logo from already complete artwork did not yield the quality I was looking for. I also tried looking for the font name and couldn’t find and info.

why not open a own thread, this here is for black/grey panel artwork and not blue/white logo…

How bout don’t open any new threads without reading the Introduction Thread First. Its part of the rule here.
Also for Small easily to answer questions post your questions in the Absolute Question and Answer Thread.

If you have any reasonable Photshop experience, I bet you could just replace the red/white with the colors you want. Should be ezpz.