Vewlix button layout and map

I’ve noticed the Vewlix arcade cabinet (which is the original SF4 series arcade cabinet) has 7 action buttons (and sometimes has a cap instead of the 7th button?).

  1. When does it have that cap (if at all) and when does it have 7 buttons?
  2. What is the 7th button for?
  3. Are there SF4 series games on the arcade that runs on other cabinets? If so, what button layout do they have?
  4. Are there any arcade cabinets with 8 buttons, or does it only exist on home fightsticks?


  1. The “cap” is just a cover to cover up the unused hole. Its a common practice in arcades.
  2. Vewlix often have a 7th button as start or some menu related button.
  3. Most arcade games aren’t sold as Full Arcade cabinets but as conversion kits meant to be installed in an existing cabinet. Officially no version of Street fighter 4 as a stand alone dedicated cabinet, just other cabinets that been converted for use. Vewlix Cabinets are made kind of generic so almost any game can be installed inside. Many of the US style Capcom cabs are all the same cab except for the Marquee and any decals that has been applied. So to answer your question, any layout they want.
  4. They don’t even sell Cabinets with 8 button holes. Its a mostly home system kind of thing. Only time you see a arcade cabinet with 8 buttons if the cab runs a game console inside, even then it only if there a PS3 or Xbox 360 inside.

Yes, I have never seen any arcade cabinet with 8 buttons…

Interesting. I guess I won’t use the extra 2 buttons then, as I want a closest to true arcade experience.
Are the 2 extra buttons usually being used by tournament fighters?

  1. I know what the caps are. I ment to ask in which cases/games they are usually being used.
  2. I’ve noticed a seperate start button, in addition to the 7th one… I guess I did get an answer though, that it’s not in use ingame. It’s pretty odd though.
  3. I know that the cabinets can have a lot of games. I guess I ment to ask if the SF4 series of games have official kits for other types of cabinets.
  1. Caps are used whenever you don’t need that extra button. It’s not based on which game it is, it’s based on the individual cabs that are being used. Games can use a different variety of cabs in various states of condition or wear-and-tear.

  2. Nope. You pay $20k or whatever to get the official hardware from Capcom, and you throw it in whatever cab will take it.