Vewlix Cabinet?

Two quick Vewlix questions.

  1. Approximately how far is the viewing distance to the actual LCD monitor from a seated position?

  2. Is there a way to find out where the closest SFIV arcade machine is to your location? I’m in CT and didn’t find anything using Google.

I’m curious because I’d like to build a Vewlix style cabinet and a 32" TV looks enormous from all the pictures I’ve seen. :slight_smile:

I play at china town fair. I’m not sure of the brand name of the setup they have, but it runs on what seems to be 29-32" samsung LCD’s at 1080p through HDMI. The base of the monitor is elevated about 3-4 inches from the arcade stick, and the stick is about the same size of a TE stick, except it stretches out wider, to match the full shape of the cab, and stretches out longer, about another 4-6 inches from where a TE stick would be, that’s where I rest my lazy elbows.

You could youtube sf4 + china town fair and see the cabs in action for yourself. Otherwise, CTF is not far from you. It’s in manhattan, in china town, on 8 mott street. Take metro north / transit to grand central terminal, take the 6 train (subway) to canal street. Walk to mott, turn right, few blocks down on the left hand side.


Here, gives you a good example:


This probably belongs in the tech talk forums. I think there are a few people reconstructing the vewlix cabinets, and this site may help as well:

The Chinatown Fair cabinets are custom-made, but they do resemble the Vewlix cabinets.

The first question is definitely a tech talk thing, soI’m gonna scoot this over there. The answer to the second question, if I wanted to be mad lazy, is “no”. The real answer is “kinda”, but that requires leg work on your part. Like asking in your local area forums under regions. There aren’t a lot of places in the US that went through the trouble of importing this game (although the cabs are pretty fucking nice just as general cabinets).

For number 2, there is a thread in the SF4 section where people have gone and listed arcades near them that have the game. But it may be outdated or not conclusive since it depends on people to know about the thread and be willing to share said info.

Can I buy one

I live in a small apt and have no room to do the construction (my GF would kill me) but I would ABSOLUTELY pay somebody to build it for me, Is there a place that just sells these pre built that can run off a 360 or PS3?