Vewlix CP for TEKKEN5/HRAPS. Any Interest?

I’ve measured up and designed a replacement CP for all HRAP and TEKKEN5 sticks.

It now has a vewlix layout.

Metal CP: 1.5mm thick with identical 2mm perspex for artwork.

Tekken 5 owners will have the “turbo panel” window missing.

Everything measures up and will fit perfectly.

Would anyone here be interested at $30 + postage from oz?


Selling thread over at:

Can all the guys interested contact me on:

And I’ll take it from there.

Sneak Peek:

Some button layouts for people who are interested.



Buttons and switches

Can you post some pictures? I am pretty interested

Pictures will be up in a week. I’m just seeing how interested people might be.

i would also be willing to buy this

Sounds awesome, man! I am interested too.

only if it looks good

I’m definitely interested as well.

sounds good. Is it going to have the mounting hardware for the joystick? Will sanwa and seitmitsu joysticks mount onto it?

^^^Interested in knowing that, too. Also, some pics would be great!

Great idea, I’m sure you’ll have success selling those CPs

That’s the big question for me as well. I think I’d be up for two depending on how they look. Info on how they look, how the artwork is painted/attached, along with joystick mounting info, would seal the deal for me. I’d be happy to work out a bulk ship to me and resend to other US folks if the shipping is cheaper that way (which I imagine it would be)

Button layout would be good to know as well; I’d personally prefer six play buttons, no start/select buttons on the panel.

I’m in Australia as well and I’d be interested in a Vewlix CP for HRAP3. :tup: Look forward to seeing the pictures.

sounds good! We should set up a group buy as Toodles suggested!

PDF of the layout is up on the original post.

Each CP will be made up to user spec.

Eg: No select or start, no turbo window, 6 button only etc.

I’ll update my first post with a range of options so everyone is happy.

Group order sounds awesome. Saves me posting on the weekends.

Sign me up. I don’t know how to create CP for my hrap2 and even if I tried I’d fail miserably at it. So group buy for a custom CP is really convenient, that and I’m also very curious about the vewlix layout.

vocalninja I also live in Australia, what state are you in ?
I am interested in how you are going to mount the sanwa and seitmitsu joysticks.
Have you created an AutoCAD template for a dual joystick mounting plate,
OR have you purchased a dual mounting plate from somewhere (if so where ?)

il buy one. or two if i can design my owne CP :smiley:

Thanks for all the responses so far.

As far as the sanwa and seimitsu mounting is concerned, its all taken care of so people can rest easy.

But there is no special plate like HRAP have. Not for $30 anyway as I’m working out of my study. :angel:

Count me in for at least 2 if this happens, thanks!

This has potential.

Pardon my ignorance but viewlix layout = 7 buttons??? Not sure I understand. Perspex = plastic sheet overlay?

I have the american T5 stick. Is the turbo window an Asia/Aussie specific feature?

$30 in what currency? :stuck_out_tongue:

A drawing of what you have in mind for the stick mounting plate would be nice, we could probably help with feedback (who am I kidding, we always voice our opinions even if you dont want it) on it. Size, thickness between stick and top of panel, hole placement, threading of the holes.

What kind of metal is it/would it be? Any discount for plain metal? Im a sucker for powdercoating.