Vewlix F question! versions? QUICK please!

I am about to buy a Vewlix F cabinet. I only have room for one and it is obviously expensive so I want to make sure I get a good one.
The one I can buy looks just like the one in this picture. Is this a true Vewlix F? Is there any difference between this cabinet and a Vewlix F? Any help would be great and time is of the essence!

I’ll bite. The plastic edges don’t match the original “F”. Only way is to get a picture of the name plate and see who the manufacture is, but in the end, can you really trust it? Flat out, get the cabinet solely because it looks cool and you want to play on it. Your monitor will “lag” if it isn’t the original SANWA one as various individuals report and it is simply a huge bracket for a LCD monitor.

I’ve had a Blue Vewlix L, it was cool, but was hardly worth the solid deal I got on it in my eyes. You have to simply want the novelty of playing on a cabinet that the official Taito arcades have in Japan sooo much to warrant buying an official Vewlix. That is all I really have for you.

The cabinets in the photo are real Vewlix F’s with CAPCOM Street Fighter IV bodykits on them. CAPCOM sells SFIV cabinets as their own product, which is in fact a regular Vewlix F with SFIV-themed red parts. The upper right corner of the stick panel has a CAPCOM-logo whereas a normal Vewlix F has the TAITO-logo.

The bodykit includes:

[]red bars with metallic striped stickers
]semi-transparent marquee with large, centered “VEWLIX”-logo
[*]metallic 1 player panel with “CAPCOM”-logo
Here is a video of my Vewlix L with SFIV CAPCOM bodykit:


The SFIV cabinets in Japan are the same ones as the cabs in your photo. Hope that helps. Good luck!

I finally picked up my “Vewlix F” SFIV version cabinet… Can I connect the I/o Board of the Vewlix F to a PS360+? Or do I need to go straight from the controls to the PS360+?

you can play with the jamma harness and do a custom wire up, or just pull the quck disconnects and run your own in half the time/headache.

I’ve got a Vewlix Clone, and I just bypassed the board, and ran my own solder points to the buttons/stick and then right into the ps360.

<img src=“” />

If you end up picking one up with the jamma kit and want controller hacks for the 360, let me know and I’ll make you some. :smiley: