Vewlix - Homemade Worklog of Sorts ***Updated 4/21/10***

So unfortunately I suck with woodworking but have a buddy who’s dad is a carpenter. He agreed to build me a sort of vewlix clone. Sadly, he didn’t take any pictures of the cab as he was building it, but I stopped by to check on his progress today. I was pretty damn excited to see what he had gotten done…

I apologize in advance for the shit picture, my blackberry camera sucks and the garage was full of sawdust…

He will be finishing it up sometime next week, then I will get to prime, sand, and paint it up. Can’t wait to get some games on this. If anyone is wondering, it will house a ps3 and a 26" LCD.

More to come soon

very nice! working on mine right now… :slight_smile:

Indeed! very nice start :rock:

Gearing up for mine as well, just got the mdf slabs and a bigger router :wgrin:

Thanks Gents. I cannot wait to get on this man… waiting to play some of that HDR and MVC2 going

Did you say this was a homemade worklog and you didn’t put any time on it? LOL. It’s a nice cab build. Congrats.

thats so awesome…

It’s a homemade vewlix clone. I travel a lot for my job and suck with woodword. My friends dad is building it for me. I don’t have any pictures of what he has done up to here. I will be priming, and painting it. Before I do that, I will take a bunch of pictures and such. I really think the T5’s will look great on here, I was worried about them standing out like a sore thumb at first.

Will be picking this up tomorrow… he’s adding the final touches before I get this and prime and paint it up…

Also, he didn’t have the right tool to add the angle on a real vewlix, so he suggested he use a different router bit he had. I was a bit iffy at first, but I actually love it…

When I pick it up tomorrow, i’ll use my better camera and get some better shots of it…

Great looking custom there bud. Now finish it up!

Thanks man. I cannot wait to get this home and get started on it!

looking good! can’t wait to see it

i should be wrapping mine up in another week or two…

5:30 can’t come quick enough lol… Post some pictures of your prgoress as well!

I love looking at peoples builds…

looking good bud, just a tip but where your sides meet your rounded top make sure you seal that up real good as a line will appear after painting! as mine did! i had to sand it all back down again, should have some more pics up soon :-).

UPDATES - Finally picked it up today, other then a few small things I will fix during priming, I LOVE this thing and cannot wait to get some time in on it!

He told me the bend was the biggest pain in the ass he ever dealt with regarding building things.

Without the back on. Just making sure that the sticks fit and line up properly. Also he routed a place for my Move list with a plexi cover…Love it. Sadly, mine won’t light up…

He got the “shelf” Perfect to the contour of the sticks.

HE added a large door on the front for me. Going to be using a PS3 and a PC for games.

Semi Assembled…


Lastly, Hoping this will fit in with my other Cabs…

More updates when I get some more time with it…

I will get some Time Saturday to begin Priming this beast. I Mounted the Monitor as well as the Speaker Section to ensure that they fit Properly. Luckily everything is Perfect.

I’ll add some Pictures tonight.

Do you all Recommend an oil based or water based primer for MDf?

A buddy of mine told me to use Killz for it.

What do you think?

i used Kilz2 on mine.

looking good and it’s not even painted yet!

The build looks good so far. Do you have any ventilation for the PS3 or PC? If you enclose it in the cabinet with nowhere for the heat to vent, you may have some issues.

it’d be pretty cool if he installed some 120mm or bigger cpu case fans to extract air from the cabinet :slight_smile:

as for me; i left the entire back open like donovan did, no front door. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got it Primed up on Saturday. I’ll probably do one more coat, then sand and paint.

Should get some more done Saturday.

The back panel of my case opens fully. I will take a picture of it on Saturday. I wanted to ensure enough air would get in and out.