Vewlix layout diagram

Hey there. I’m building a new custom Jlf/ps-14kn/mayflash pcb arcade stick soon, and I need measurements so I can put the vewlix layout on my CP. This is the layout I’m looking for: looks perfect, but there is absolutely no height measurements and without height measurements width measurements are rendered completely useless. Can anyone Show me a better diagram or help me out here I don’t know what to do. I also printed it out on 5 different settings and the 207 mm bottom turned into 230mm etc.


the layout itself says 72 pixels per inch, you print in that resolution.

Also height measurements are dependent of the hardware you’re using and personal preference.

Don’t know about you, but I see height measurements in that.
For the spacing of Buttons and Joystick.
But I know you are not talking about that.

The height and length do not matter in a Layout.
It is up to you how big you want Control Panel to be.

No, I know that, It’s just the fact that I can’t figure out say the height difference between lp and mp, and I would like to have an accurate copy on my custom. Also The printer only prints in 600 dpi.

Oh, LP and MP?
There is height measurement in that image.

Oh yah lol. The thing I was wanting was the sides so I can lay it down on my panel and it would all be properly spaced much easier that way. I new I was missing something lol