Vewlix marquee art

hey guys and gals, i was hoping that maybe someone could supply me with the vewlix (logo) marquee art in white so that i could take to my local printers for printing, i have some from donovan myers site but its black and i have no photoshop software and no idea how i could change it to white…
any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers!.

Hi sponge, I’ve recently upgraded to win7 and don’t have Photoshop installed yet. If no one else can help out I’ll see if I can get it installed over the next few days and sort it out.

thanks eric, sealed and primed my vewlix today, this thing is becoming a labour of love ha, i can see the painting is gonna take quite a while to get right! i cut out the acrylic for the marquee today too so it would be great to get that sorted and painted up, i was thinking the vewlix logo with some sf4 (focus attack) ink blotches behind in a contrasting colour would look awesome! im a carpenter and although i have the skills to build the cab, i have no computer skills to manipulate the art!.
regards daniel.

How are you going to print the Vewlix logo? If you’re going to have them make a vinyl sticker, they don’t need the logo to be in white.

hey toker, hows yours coming along? ive realised if you want these to turn out right you have to take your time! its pretty much consumed me over the past 2 weeks! i was thinking a vinyl stickers stuck on the back of the acrylic and then spray paint over it, im now liking the idea of vewlix in silver(vinyl sticker) with some black ink splashes/blotches behind and then a background colour (acrylic} either in the vewlix blue or red.

  • Sounds like you’re making great progress on your project.

I’m hoping my friend has time tomorrow. All that’s left for me is to sand everything down and bevel all of the edges. Then he’ll paint next week. I can’t wait until it’s finished.

toker, yeh its getting there, the bevels are a bitch! i did them after work last night while there was still daylight, as i made my top in one section (i think yours is too) it can be tricky getting the router round the top curve, i think its turned out pretty good and will post some pics soon, if your mate has pro painting stuff he should be done in a couple of days if not one, my mate who does bodyshop work usually sprays my customers stuff but im doing this myself with cans and its gonna take at least a week i reckon to get a good finish.

I downloaded that black Vewlix logo and changed it to white, and it’s a psd now.