Vewlix style cabinet, made a start!

hey! well after being inspired by donovan and ericleroi i decided to make a vewlix style cabinet of my own in time for ssf4, ive taken a few pics and will try to post them as i go, i am mostly working on this after work so i would expect a few weeks before completion. Please feel free to comment . Daniel. Oh dear having just wrote this i dont know how to post images grrr!

picture url

Looking forward to seeing this :tup:

sorry guys computers arent my thing!

Nice start. Would you please be kind and post the measurements of each piece of wood? Once I have some time, Im going to start on my own.

Donovan Myers has complete Google Sketchup models of his Vewlix cabinet. It’s very easy to print out measurements using that program.

hi asr10, yes the measurements were pinched from donovans sketch up file, with some adjustments for personal preference.

hey, started on the rounded top tonight, its pretty tricky to do and takes a bit of patience but i think its gonna look great, im a carpenter and a bit of a perfectionist and i think if you only had basic diy skills this could be a real nightmare!

Really want to get this thing done and ready for painting, can see its gonna be a mission to get a factory style finish, i think im going down the spray can route.

looks great so far! i plan to build one for myself in the nearby future. if you are going down the spray can route to paint there is a thread on here on how to paint a mirror finish, might wanna try checking it out. ive used it myself on my latest build and the information in that thread is invaluable.

Is that MDF you are using?

Looking hot! nice work with the top section!

hey, yes its mdf, i decided to use just a single sheet of 25mm mdf for the sides rather than sticking two together (as donovans and ericleroi) just to save on time and money really, the 25mm is more than adequate for support purposes,

Im planning on routing the bevels all in one go rather than the top seperately…hopefully this should provide a good result!
i will try to get some better pictures soon once the bevels are done with a proper camera.


Great work so far. Can’t wait to see how it comes out.

I love seeing all the variations and things people are doing for their own preferences.


hey, spent most of the day doing some more on the cabinet, its been tricky trying to solve how to trim round the monitor as my method has been different from others i have seen, just needs some doors, some filling and routing and we’re ready for primer.

for those interested im planning on using a sharp aquos 32" lcd, a yamaha sound bar, and an xbox 360 (mainly for ssf4) lighting behind the marquee and beneath move list.
I reallly fancy the idea of one big control panel (2 player) but the 2x t.e sticks offers an easier solution, i may be after some help on custom joysticks very soon.

thanks donovan, they are your dimensions im using, thanks for taking the time to share them.

Looking great so far! I’m doing something very similar. I’m building a removable cover for the LCD when I use it in the normal horizontal layout. Are you cutting out an additional space underneath for the soundbar? Another thing to keep in mind is to leave an opening for the TV’s IR receiver in case you want to use a remote control.

hey tokerblue, thanks mate yours is looking good also, yes i will be cutting out for the sound bar and then finishing with some speaker cloth similar to ericlerois, as i dont have the components yet i have made the trim round the monitor removable/universal, and i had completely forgot about how to turn the tv on/off let alone use the remote! doh!

Hi sponge, I have a flip panel on the bottom attached to the lower part of the monitor bezel so I can get to the monitor controls. It’s basically a pair of very slim hinges made out of plastic card secured with stong double sided tape! works very well for me and isn’t noticeable.

  • eric, I actually took a cue from you and am going to use speaker cloth to cover the IR port. I actually am not using the TV’s speakers, but I wanted to leave a space in case I was going to use them. Sponge, you should also be able to do that. If you extend your speaker grill higher, you should be able to send the IR signal directly through the cloth.

nice! i was actually thinking velcro? for the trim around the monitor it sits in a 6mm groove that i routered in. i think the sound bars out as im tight on space, not sure which route to go down now was maybe thinking car speakers but, i really would like a nice sound and with car speakers only being 4ohms hi fi amps can struggle to power them, im considering somehing from logitech either 5.1 or 2.1.

Ericleroi, would you play something like splinter cell or gears of war in front of your vewlix? the reason i ask is that i was thinking i would do most of my gaming on mine therefore i would prefer 5.1 but if it was only ever used for sf4 then 2.1 would be fine. also i noticed you used the logitech 5.1, did you have to lay those speakers on their side in order to fit beneath the monitor? how do you find the sound on those?
regards daniel.

Hi Daniel. I did try velcro myself but went for the flip pane as it sits pretty flush and gives easier access than velcro. I do play other games on the cab and have a gaming keyboard mouse type arrangement which I can rest on the panel if I want to use the pc for gaming:

I’m in the middle of completely redecorating the house at present and my games room’s a mess but will use my rear speakes on hscratch built stands once I get my space back:

The speakers are on their sides in the cab with the sub in the base section. Sounds fantastic to me!