Vewlix style Chun Li joystick with Happ parts

Sup guys,

Here’s another box I made, similar to the Akuma box I made last week. Dimensions are pretty much the same as before.

This time around, I got better with my saw and made much cleaner angle cuts.

Before you ask why Happ and not Sanwa or Seimitsu, it’s because I don’t have any Japanese parts on hand. Once I get those parts, I’ll make one for it.

Oh yea, it’s tall because it’s designed for Happ.

Original 3D model

very nice man, I still want to see one of these slimmed down with a jap stick. Chun art strikes again!

Where can I obtain some Sanwa or Seimitsu right now?

I’ve gotten a couple recently from and modchipman is currently out and they should have them next week. I will recommend modchipman they have always done me right.

modchipman is only carrying Sanwa. Where can I easily obtain Seimitsu?

Nowhere that I know at the moment you could always wait for lizardlick to open up shop. Seimitsu and sanwa parts mount pretty much the same way just so you know

i’m diggin the series of edges. any pics of the insides?

The Chun-Li art strikes AGAIN!

I’m not quite done assembling the internal wiring/pcb yet, but will have pics up after I’m done.

I wasn’t aware of the popularity of this particular art. I found it on google and thought it was cool. Anyone know where I can get more art similar to this for other characters?

how tall is this build?

i’m working on a new one currently which is 3" tall. really taller than it needs to be - last on i did came out to just under 2.5".

for some reason i absolutely love slim style sticks.

cough voltech?..

Mine’s 3.5" to accommodate Happ parts.

Why not cough vewlix?

because we here at SRK subscribe to bizzaro logic.

im digging the angles, nice work - any chance of some insight?

how did you shape the edges, whats it made out of?

great work!

Nice stick, looks a little chunky, i guess that’s to accommodate the Happ parts?


I too would love to know exactly how you’re getting better angles… I’m struggling!

use a table saw that can tilt. its pretty simple.