VF Money Matches

Feel free to challange people in any VF game, not just VF5, by the way

So, let’s do it… Let’s organize some money matches in the BYOC lounge. :wgrin:

I hope to be at Evo East, but I will definitely be at World. If I miss East, there’s a good chance I’ll come to West.

For money match noobs: FT = “first-to”. FT3 means “first to win 3 matches”. (not rounds, but matches. If it is not specifically mentioned, it’s assumed that all matches are 3 Rounds, by the way.)

So… I guess I’ll go first:

Currently, I’m up for only VF5 because I don’t want to dull my VF5 skills by playing any other VF even if only just for a little bit. (Although I may be willing to do an VF4:Evo MM here and there)

I’m up for FT1-for-$10 or perhaps FT3-for-$50 or even something like FT5-for-$100. However you want to set up the challenge, let me know.

My main is Sarah. Currently, I plan for Vanessa to be my 2nd and Akira to be my 3rd. But all the chars are cool, so my 2nd and 3rd could always change. For the rest of the chars, I’ll try to work up somewhat decent skills with everyone. If you want to go for big money, challenge my Sarah.

I’m willing to do these in BYOC or the hotel, by the way.

On a side-note: I’m willing to play people in other non-VF Sega fighters like Last Bronx, Fighting Vipers 1 (never played 2), and even possibly Fighters Megamix. I have only one decent Saturn controller though. And even that one’s a little busted.

By the way, my YouTube vids so you know what I look like and can keep an eye out for me at Evo.

Cla: Do you have a PS3? Because I will be willing to play some MM with you in VF5 if you have one. FT5 for $20? How does that sound? Also How about a MM in VF2. I have a perfectly good working Saturn and I have sticks as well incase your comfortable with them. FT5 for $10 in that. Evo Finals of course.

I do not have a PS3 right now. But I will have one by Evo East. (or if I don’t, then it probably means I’m not coming East) I’ll definitely have it by Finals.

FT5 is a little long for $20, but I’m cool with it. I’ll you play in VF2 when there’s no one who wants to play me in VF5. I’d also love to play some non-MM casuals in those non-VF Saturn games I mentioned. (MMs prefered, but I’d rather non-MM than not play them at all)

…so interesting:rofl:

I also do play only VF5… I think I doubt I play VF5.


I will ‘‘Challenge’’ you on VF5 FT5 means 5 out of 9 games for-$100… right? I will do that. If you wish, I will bet a little bit more.

see you at Evo north or Final. I am looking forward to playing VF5 with you

…oh I almost forgot. you said your main character is Sarah, right? my main characters are Jacky and Pai. Jacky used to be my main, but I am thinking of switching Jacky to Pai.
I will probably both though.

see you there.

Go as high of $$$ as you want. My Sarah is cruel and not losing. :wgrin:

I’m not going to North so I’ll see you at World. :tup:

You’re going to fucking die and you don’t even realize it…

whats vf

i might be down for a few matches at west

Hey Cla I remember you now, you’re from the long island thread on VFDC. I live in Nassau county which is sorta on the edge of long Island I wouldn’t mind challenging you in a few money matches in Vf5 or even VF4evo hell even fighters megamix for that matter (I have 2 good Saturn controllers and the game)

Yo, cla i’ll play you ft5 for $30 Sarah v. Sarah.

I’m also considering secret character v. ur Sarah ft5 for maybe $10 or $20

Get back to me when you’ve decided, also Yosuke posting back is win.

i wanna piece of dat ass too! count me in!!!

Same. I keep hearing about some game called VF.

You guys are missing out. Seriously. :karate: :wgrin:

Is that the same Yosuke, the jp player that was at KS3 or whatever and now lives in the USA? i was reading abotu him on vfdc a while back and i remember raeding abotu how he came to NY to play some of the vfers etc. If that’s the case I’d say save your money Cla :rofl:

Well, the deal’s been taken. Cla vs. Otome-Sama does not equal Yosuke! FT5-$100+!!!

This will be a very fun side event at Evo World!!!

Don’t miss it!

And don’t worry Cla, as you can see, Otome does not equal Yosuke wink Don’t let these other guys persuade you not to go for it. Teach this Otome a lesson wink



I will play you for $1000 or whatever the highest amount you can afford is, first to 5+.


Hey shou, are you going to EVO west or finals? I wanted to play your sarah while you were here but you left before the socal party :sad: This is Unsafe Dan btw.

PS, random hate on Virtua Figher is sad, people need to play this game.

Yosuke you’re too cool man.

And I might put some money down. I’m gonna start playing again when I get out of school.

FT3 for 20?

I’ll bet you Cla. $100 FT5.

I am just curious if he really comes to evo world or not. I am looking forward to playing with him.