VF tourney apr 19th, 2003


After a whole day of tournament action, it’s finally over!
first of i would like to apologize to ppl who didnt’ do too well becuz of they weren’t used to stix and ppl who i scammed :slight_smile:

Here are the results:
cvs2 (24 participants)
1st-Kam, me
5th-Ken (Omni Dragon)
5th-Chris (Holy Crowcar)!?!?!?!?
7th-Dennis Kim
13th-Angry Black
17th-Dennis Wong

MvsC2 (11 participants)
1st- Omni dragon & me :slight_smile:
3rd- Mingola
4th- Bryan
5th-Dennis Wong
7th-Holy Crowbar (Low tier master)
9th-Exmatt (surprise surprise :eek: )


The tournaments ran smoothly and i think most ppl had a good time. except Tony becuz he couldn’t do uppercuts wit mai :bluu:
(I’m gonna do this log nagata lock style)

High point of the day: Me landing COUNTLESS “unrollables” on everyone, including PITTSBURG! :slight_smile:
Low point of the day: me losing to CROWBAR!?!?!? Looks like the leader of STC is too good

Line of the day: “UNROLLABLE”

highlights of the tournamnet:
-me losing to crowbar (everyone went crazy)
-me landing the unrollable on pittsburg :slight_smile:
-me scamming Omni, Ming, bry, gordon, but i lost to crowbar so it made up for it :stuck_out_tongue:
-Gordon came in 4th place in cvs2, and beating Wing!
-Team STC owns everyone
-Pete runs the mvsc2 machine after the tournament

The tournament was really good, but i hoped the finals could finish.
for mvsc2, omni’s sides joystick apparenly didn’t work that well so we had to split the money. i will give him apex points since i’m so kind and i beat him in cvs2 :slight_smile:
for cvs2, kam sunddenly had a stomach ache, and wanted to go home, so we didn’t do finals. (SARS :lol: )

it was nice to see everyone to come and participate, it was a good turn out for cvs2 even tho i expected more, but i hope everyone enjoyed the SF atmosphere.

oh yeah i also liked to thank the pittsbourg guys for coming, even tho they weren’t used to the stix, they still showed great skills in games.


all i have to say is scam what happened to my FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE MONEYYYYYYYYY

oh ya and
can you feel my prezence?
you know what im talking about right ian?



The scam is that even after Me, Gordon and Eric rigged the MvC2 brackets I still come in 7th!:lol:


OMFG if gordan and omni can get top 5 , i shoiuld have come at lest 4 , i can own omni with just one yama , and he comes in top 5 , pfsh… ahahah david entered ahahahaha so did adrian ahahahahahah idiots.

i bet thier were over 39582394823094230948 scams since eric was running this shit

good job gordan . u have improved ahahahahahahah dam white wiggers


Yeah, I brought SARS from pacific mall and spread it all over VF! MUHAHAHAHAHHA!!!



  1. I own Marvel 2 in Casual, beating everyone, even Omni
  2. Bry pulls off crazy J. Wong combo, and gets scammed against JS’s scrubby run away, win by time victories.
  3. Crowbar owns JS for free in Street Fighter 2.
  4. Ed does sick infinites with Cyclops, owning on X-men vs. Steet Fighter.

Next tourney I’m gonna enter Marvel 2, and own everyone with my combo!!



i know eh, run away cable for 50 seconds, so scrubby.
dun’t blame me, i tried to attack him in the beginning, but all he did was blocking so i had to run. :slight_smile: