VF, Where's the love?

After looking around a bit i haven’t seen any mention of VirtuaFigther, any reason in particular that there is no love for this series?

VirtuaFighter.com is the best game specific fighting game website around. It has complete frame data and combos for all characters available right at the top of the site. Why would SRK have a VF section when the VF community has already done an amazing job already?

http://www.virtuafighter.com <= everything you need to know about VF4/EVO/VF5

There are plenty of VF players on SRK but they talk about VF on VFDC.

I was waiting for him.

I was waiting for him! :wink:

VirtuaFighterFour in a VF thread is as inevitable as Black Shroud in a Samsho thread :rofl:

people prefer juggelen 6.

anyone want to elaborate on Lane’s comment? I’ve never got why people crush Tekken over VF

cuz they are fanboys.
both games are evo worthy

More players attract more players.

Cuase they wanna do dem bound combo’s, complain about how teef Lili is and put dove’s on their Roger Jr’s.

Most players stopped caring when Sega themselves stopped caring.

Lack of story, lack of “flashy” characters, lack of friends playing.

Despite it being the most superior fighting game on the planet in my humble opinion, it will never appeal to the West the way Tekken does, with its flamboyance and style (and OK fighting mechanics).

As someone said above, both are Evo worthy but I would hope we all know what the better game is. :stuck_out_tongue:

what language are you speaking?

I guess you have a point there, kinda like the difference between SF4 and KoF12, no story = no buy. But with VF, that shit is poetry in motion, who needs a story.

Yeah, its easy to talk a good game about how good VF is and how its the best.

But do you actually PLAY???

yeah a couple times a week, i’ve been playing since the first one came out. im pretty good with kage, goh, and jacky. I’ve just recently turned my attention to Akira though, i really wish i had fighting stick for him in particular, some of his inputs are difficult on an Dpad. my gamer tag on xbox live is Bloodyshinta, but i dont have a gold account right now, when i have one lets fight some time.

the love is in Japanese arcades where it will stay.

oh, and at VFDC. www.virtuafighter.com

Near where I live, there is an arcade that has a VF arcade machine set up along side MVC2 and Third Strike. I play VF4 at home using a joypad, the stick they have at my arcade is just weird, feels awkward playing while playing Akira.

Yeah, Sega’s idiotic business decisions make sure of that. Only thing is, even the Japanese player base will get fed up with their nonsense sooner or later.


Oh wait…


its hard to understand genius i guess… or they just suck at business.

Someone who has a direct in with sega is trying to get peoples letters of devotion for the game. Go over to virtua fighter.com and find the thread about this kamaage guy trying to get input for a VF5R release or create a thread here at SRK.