VF, Where's the love?

now i think that you are trolling, vf5 netcode its good, but not that good to be compared to BB or HDR, from my experience its between T6 and SF4, when you get a good connection its similar to sf4 at 3 bars

yeah true.

imo games by netcode

HDR > BB = VF5 > everything else > Tekken = SC4 > KOF12

are you nuts, BB > HDR>>SF4>VF5>Tekken 6>>>>>> everything else
of course the differences between BB and HDR are kinda minimal, in terms of quality

To tell you the truth I think the netcodes’ performances depend on where you live.
Where I live for some reason BB is unplayable (not just for me- for every member of the local scene) and SF4 seems to work better.
But GGPO is always the best.

I hope this movies turns into Yoshi cutting everyone into ribbons, then Itagaki-san comes out and grabs nina’s jugs and it all ends with nightmare blowin the place sky high.

Whats this junk all about? leasing an arcade machine? how the hell do you make money? is this true for all sega arcades?

Lockin this thread will only add to the problem, but if you are a tekken fanboy that might be part of your agenda… I knew it was a goddamn conspiracy!

good point, maybe sega should just go all fighting vipers style and start throwing everything including the kitchen sink into VF to get people more interested.

Don’t forget Ryo Hamutherfuckingzuki… im gonna go kill myself when that game comes out.

this might sound ridiculous, but i hope that increasing internet speeds will bring arcades back. Imagine being able to play with people in Japan and the dude right next to you. Ranbat tourneys could go down without people having to fly all over the place… the pots could get quite large if this were the case.


This whole thread is laughter/tears.

No, although I admit T6 is a lot better than I first gave it credit; I’d still never play it over VF (we still play VF4/EVo and VF3TB on DC over here).

To be honest we’ve had AT LEAST 3 threads on SRK about VF in this exact same vein and there’s really nothing new in this thread that hasn’t been said before. VF is great, gets talked up but not played, Sega sucks and is basically killing its own franchise, FlyMike is awesome, blah blah.

You should really use the search function in the future. And a few of these threads were only back a few pages.

dunno about this whole ‘can’t have VF5 cabinets outside Japan as they need to be connected to SEGA network’. We have a VF5 cabinet in Troc, London and it works fine. At one point it was 20p a play and very popular!

he is talking about the VF5R, and for what i know you cant import them, because they are only for renting or some bullshit like that, you cant buy them

talking about that, with a friend of mine who live near, i cant play any one of the fighting games that we have (sf4, BB, T6), but when it comes to mw2 we can connect fine :looney:

how much does a vf5 cab cost?

How many redundant posts will it take to close this thread?

Lol, I don’t even hunt down threads like these anymore. Haven’t browsed forums for months. Randomly hit up FG forum and lo and behold what do I find top of page? Free…

But I’m not about destroying faith anymore. Power to 2010. Maybe they give us new Fighting Vipers with Lau Chan on a BMX bike and shit.

We probably would see a new FV before they release VF5R.

That’s just how sad this all is.

i just watched a vid of Tekken 6 on the SBO webpage… and now i see why virtua fighter is doomed. That game looks so dumbed down, its got mass appeal written all over it.

That’s the VF5 international arcade board. You can buy those cabinets outside of Japan. Though now you can only get them used.

Even if you could buy them they wouldn’t work anyways. People at VFDC have offered to buy a VF5R arcade board directly from Sega. And this is what Sega said: “it wouldn’t matter because VF5R arcade machines only function if they are connected to VF.Net, if they aren’t connected the machine will not work”. Meaning VF5R machines are locked to VF.Net and will not work outside of Japan. And there is no international release for VF5R arcade (and there isn’t one planned either).

Sega has total control over VF5R and they keep it exclusive to Japan. :rolleyes:

Too much. Just get an arcade machine with a VGA monitor and put a PS3/360 in it.

Ohhh okay cool, didn’t know about that. I remember them being announced but I didn’t realize they actually got released.

thats weak. did the VFDC heads ask them why?

We always asked why. It’s the same reason VF5R isn’t anywhere but Japan, I’m pretty sure arcade owners in Korea or China or somewhere else has offered to buy cabs and Sega has turned them down easy, too.

Who really knows what the problem is, except for Sega themselves.

Haha VF5 couldve had mass appeal if they just gave all of the customization options they allowed in the arcade, for console on day 1(because the defaults to the characters look super plain, especially if you have no history), and marketed that, and the online capability.

waiiiit yes I am a moron, last year there was a vanilla VF5 cab at one of the arcades in this city and I completely forgot about it until now