VF4 Evo Final Tournament results


OK, for those not in the know, this was a 48-man national tournament held just shortly after SBO. The qualifiers pretty much worked the same way as SBO’s, and that number of players gave us a 3-man round-robin finals.

So, without further ado, here are the top 12 placers:

  1. Homestay Akira (Akira)
    -Defeated Ed 3-2, Chibita 3-2

  2. Chibita (Lion)
    -Defeated Ed 3-2, lost to Homestay Akira 3-2

  3. Ed [aka. Edo] (Kage)
    -Lost to Chibita and Homestay Akira 3-2

4a. Sapporo Sarah (Sarah)
-Lost to Homestay Akira

4b. Eight (Wolf)
-Lost to Ed

4c. Senningiri (Kage)
-Lost to Chibita

7a. Tsuchikumo (Pai)
-Lost to Sapporo Sarah

7b. Anaguma (Jacky)
-Lost to Homestay Akira

7c. Ohsu Akira (Akira)
-Lost to Ed

7d. Bokki Akira (Jeffry)
-Lost to Eight

7e. Yaoichi (Akira)
-Lost to Senningiri

7f. Kurita (Vanessa)
-Lost to Chibita

And here’s a site with all of the videos of this tournament which have been released so far:


EDIT: Just something interesting to note, Jin (the Kage who owned up SBO) qualified for this tournament but lost in the first round.

Hm, that site I posted seems to be down for now. =/



damn finally a game where everyone didn’t stick to the same 5 characters. i seriously need to learn how to play this game:(


I’ve been playing VF4 Evo for some time and recently watching the japanese tourney vids. Just watching the vids are very impressive.