VF4:EVO - Lion

So after about 2 years of not playing VF4, i decided to start playing last night… random… but w/e

i used to use lion… i got most of his basic combos down… other than the whole, “bait and counter” mixup game that he runs, what other strats / advanced combos can i do? i’ve literally forgotten everything i learned about virtua fighter, and that’s pissing me off… i went through tutorial mode last night, and found everything except some of the evade + counter throw + block things… and i couldn’t get exact recovery down…

any tips?

Copied and pasted from an old thread where parrperson asked about Lion:

Lion is one of the most underrated characters. He is very, very good. Some basic stuff…

You can use 44K to punish whiffs, either out of backdash or after you evade something. 44K,P+K, KK is guaranteed on most characters and does a lot of damage. A common setup is 6P (blocked), and do 44…K to do 44K out of backdash to punish their elbow.

What sets him apart are his evasive property moves, especially FC 6P. There is a reason this move is throw counterable. It naturally evades low P at frame disadvantage. It can also evade most elbows in the correct foot position. A common setup is low P (blocked), FC 6p. If you pay attention to stance, you can make the opponent keep blocking after your low p is blocked, and then start mixing it up with k~g throw, 2k+g, or backdash -> evade, etc. You can get pretty creative once they freeze up.

His command evade 9/3p+k+g also evades a lot of things (at disadvantage), but you have to know what foot postion is required for specific moves, so a lot fo training mode experimentation is required for having a strong Lion.

On top of all that stuff, he has a lot of great low pokes, his 3k+g/2k+g or 6k+g mixup after techroll is good, 214P sabakis everything but elbows.

a lot of that sounds familiar from what i’ve learned in the past. Lion is easily my favorite character, just because of his play style. it’s easy to learn to evade / counter, and scare your opponent a little to a point where you can mix it up and be a lot more agressive. but yes, that 44K combo is definitely familiar… i’m going to work on that stuff tonight.