VF4EVO money matches

ill be taking any and all challenges in vf4evo at evo, best 2/3 or 3/5, tournament rules apply. no more then $10 a match thoe. Get at me here if you want some:D :evil:

i want some 2/3 for $10

I’ll take it also. 3/5 for 10 dollars.

got you both, get at me on AIM to set it up.

Wow, kid, you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.

Yea, I do, now either put up a challenge or kill the commentary:D


I’ll take you up on that bet too. $10. And my brother would like in for another $10. I hope you’re serious about these bets.

wow, this is kinda of annoying but i wouldn’t waste my time if i wasn’t serious, Just cuz yall haven’t heard of me, dosen’t mean im not somebody 2 take seriously or im some sort of coward when it comes 2 bets, im not planning on losing money anyway, yall better be legit on your money ends… be a waste of my time if it weren’t

Kinda annoying? Just like your not sure about our responses, we don’t know if you are serious or not. BTW I look forward to playing ya!!

I don’t know about the other guys, but I take everyone seriously and I wouldn’t doubt it if you could wipe the floor with everyone here. I have no idea who you are or how good you are, so I know there’s a chance you could come out of this with all our money. I’m just saying I hope you’re serious about being prepared to lose if it comes down to it. Because you have no idea either whether you’'ll win or lose, and you got to prepare for the worst when making bets. Just because you plan on not losing doesn’t mean you won’t lose.

Just make sure you actually have money to burn. If you do, then by all means let’s do this. I stand to lose $10 which is nothing, you stand to lose a lot more then that if you keep taking everyones bets and it turns out they all beat you.

  im just wondering how many idiots you know but money up not prepared 2 lose it, it that the reason we all go 2 EVO, or tournaments in general.... i do have a idea wheather i will win or lose.... other wise i wouldn't be putting money up. Either way ill take on you and your brother in whatever you want. " you didn't specify wheather you want 2/3 or 3/5 " let me know im prepared 4 whatever.:evil:

2 out of 3 is fine. We’ll be the 2 spanish guys carrying around or playing on big custom Japanese sticks. VF is our only game so we’ll be in that section mainly. Just look us up - Junosynth and modestmouse (or TX Lion). See ya there.

Hey Shincontra, I’ll be in the vf section the most since that’s the tourney I will play in only. I’ll probably be hanging out with Lonleyfighter. So you won’t miss me. See you there.

ditto and everyone rocks name tags so it will be easy to find people

ME TOO!! 5 dollars!

ok, im down 4 it, ill be in the VF section most of the time myself, i won’t be 2 hard find but ill do my best 2 find you guys.